DON’T OCCUPY WALMART for groceries or anything else!   Leave a comment


If you’re here, chances are you read my Newsvine post on msnbc’s website in response to the story about Walmart capitalizing on people spending their food stamps on their high-priced “always the low price” foods. Walmart sucks. It is to hate them. I’ll add to this post a little later on, but there’s good reason to hate them. They are The Evil Empire.

Please feel free to add your own brainstorms for saving money at the grocery store, or shopping for any other necessities of life, and making it through this effed-up economy! And thanks for your eyeballs. Seriously.

Walmart’s sponsored politicians, who are keeping the working people at the bottom of the economic latter, in effect feed that money back to their masters at 12:01 on the first of every month, when the government deposits food-stamp money. That’s what I call a political payoff that keeps on giving back!

Walmart’s rollbacks are, for the most part, complete bullshit! Take this from a person who knows them from the inside. It’s all smoke and one-way mirrors, and it always benefits THEM, not US. BUT, fear not, brothers & sisters and fellow 99-percenters, and check out these places BEFORE dropping a cent with the Bentonville Bandits.

WINCO is W-A-Y cheaper on beef, pork, and poultry;

Hostess, Entenmann’s, Franz/Gai’s in the northwest, all have bakery outlet storeswhere you can get bread for half price or less. They usually get deliveries Tuesday & Thursday.

* My wife found that TARGET is considerably cheaper on all kinds of cheese, including cottage, ricotta, and packaged sliced cheese for sandwiches.

* Grocery Outlet is MUCH cheaper for all kinds of frozen foods, frozen pizza, and pasta;

* Walgreens always seems to have milk for $1.99 when the supermarkets are $3.29 and up!

* Your local foreigner-owned off-brand gas station will often have cheap eggs, butter, and milk in their convenience stores;

* LOCAL Asian grocery stores (one of the best-kept secrets in North America) are the best places on earth (yes, on earth) to get your fresh fruits and vegetables and especially rice. They keep prices low because they serve their own ethnic community, and every non-Asian person who walks in there is a special bonus for them. Many proprietors will even walk you around the store introducing you to great stuff you never heard of: Gai Lan, da bai tsai and other cabbages, Bok Choi in all its varieties a/k/a Pak Choi, Choi Sum (my favorite), Shanghai Bok Choi, all kinds of lettuce and other greens.

Again, please feel free to add your favorite source of affordable food, or the method to your grocery-shopping madness.



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