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I’ve been paying almost feverish attention to the murder trial of Jodi Arias in Phoenix while resting a nagging hamstring injury at home. Today the judge called in sick, so the trial resumes Tuesday, due to Presidents’ Day. I woke up early this morning to watch the coverage, but wasn’t too disappointed when the session was called off; now I’ve got a five-day weekend to fill in and study up on the parts of the trial I’d missed – everything leading up to the point where Arias took the stand in her own defense, less the YouTube videos I’ve watched of a few other witnesses.

At the pace this trial’s been progressing, I’m betting Jodi won’t get through her direct testimony until the end of next week. If I were her, I would need at least a weekend to chill before facing Juan Martinez. I’d sooner line up with no pads against Ray Lewis than be cross-examined by this guy.

In reading the blogs of both Arias and Alexander, untouched since their last posts in May of 2008, something in Alexander’s lengthy post caused me to stop and re-read it three or four times to fully absorb.

The following three paragraphs appear in Travis Alexander’s blog, in his last post, dated May 18, 2008. The title of the post is “Why I want to marry a Gold-Digger.” I’ve highlighted the text to which I refer below in bold. All spelling and grammatical errors are per the original:

“In the midst of all of this however I have learned a lot about what matters most to me in finding a wife. There are many qualities of course that are an absolute must. Spirituality, mutual physical attraction, the ability to communicate effectively, wants children, etc. but there is one thing that I have come to appreciate as much or more than all the others. I don’t know how to label this quality except to say that it is the quality to appreciate the qualities in me.

There are a lot of things us quirky humans find endearing, that everyone else could care less about. The way we mispronounce a word, how we slurp our soup or snort when we laugh. Those types of things I feel are important. However it is not what causes love, it’s a by product of love.

People fall in love for too many reasons to count. Usually it is a combination of reasons. But I want someone to fall in love with me because I am a man of ability and achievement. Not because I have a lot of friends (not saying I do) but for the reason people want to befriend me, not because I have tons of money (not saying I do) but because I have the ability to earn a ton of money. Not because of my accomplishments but because I am a man of accomplishment. In fact I wouldn’t want to marry anyone if they loved me and these were not at least some of the reasons why.”

I think it’s pretty clear that Travis loved himself, and he loved loving himself. He wasn’t looking for a wife in any of the girls he dated; he was looking for a disciple to worship him. He wanted a woman to adulate him, to be in wonder of him, to be in awe of him.

From the moment he got his claws on Jodi Arias, he attempted to mold her into himself. PrePaid Legal, baptizing her into his cult, and stuffing his dick into her whenever, wherever, and however he pleased. In a car on the freeway, on the phone so he could jerk off and properly make love to himself (and spray it all over the room, huge loads, 15 ‘pumps’ according to the phone sex tape). He had a willing participant in all his fantasies, and he needed her to keep his ego fed. But in doing so, he had to keep her on the sly, lest any of his Mormon friends (who thought him to be a pious Temple Member) see what a complete fucking phony he was.

Two of the four times Jodi cited as times he’d been physical with her, he knocked her to her knees; once he kept her down. Forcing her to kneel before him; tying her to a tree and ramming his dick up her ass; making her wear LITTLE BOY’S UNDERWEAR while he was fucking her in the ass; ejaculating in her face on the porch of her home and throwing her a piece of chocolate; shooting a huge load down her throat; making her dress like a slut (her words) and go out in public looking for toys to incorporate into his filthy fantasies — all those are things abusive men do to humiliate their victims. Jodi Arias is a victim. (Just in case anyone thinks there’s only one victim in this case.) And I’ve not seen anything to convince me otherwise.

The fact that he made that post at that particular time in their relationship reveals the depth and breadth of his pathological need to be adulated, admired, loved, revered, respected, and worshiped. If you read further into his last blog post he also reveals how he planned to do that, and by this time, he had a number of girls on strings, presenting himself as a virgin to the inexperienced 18-year old when he was 29; as a pussy-hound who went “damn the LDS, full speed ahead” and wanted to shoot porn flicks with Jodi, and we have yet to hear from the other fish he had on the line. And there were others. There had to be. There always are. But Jodi, she was the biggest fish in a quickly-evaporating pond for Alexander, because he was getting older, and she had already acted out her pathological willingness to be molded into what her previous Mr. Right Now wanted – the breast implants from her 20-years-older former lover who wouldn’t show his face.

All the foregoing, and a lot more, including Travis’ revelation to Jodi of the trip to Cancun with another woman, contributed toward setting the final scene in this sick, macabre drama. I don’t know what was in Jodi’s mind the day of the crime, and I can’t wait to hear her describe the events that unfolded in the few days immediately preceding it. Anything she did afterwards is, by definition, after the fact and immaterial because she had to have been in some kind of shock to kill the much bigger Alexander, and she wasn’t even in her right mind, whatever was left of it, afterwards.

Some of the evidence looks pretty bad, but whatever she went back to Mesa for, she and Travis had a good long ride and accompanying filthy photo session before something went incredibly wrong, and I think it was Travis’ violent over-reaction to Jodi’s dropping the camera that burned the fuse down and ignited the charge in one or both of them. Because until then, at least according to the pictures and the file-dates on the SD card (I don’t know why HLN and them keep calling it a SIM card) that was in the camera, they seemed to be having a rollicking good time.

There are a number of scenarios I can see, wherein Travis gets violent with Jodi. But I can’t see Jodi Arias as the monster the prosecution is trying to establish that she was. I just don’t see her as the antagonist. Whenever she appears before Travis, it’s not to start a fight; it’s to have “make-up sex,” and get a mouth or an ass full of Travis as an extra added bonus.

The entire case sickens me. Travis’ hypocrisy, which turned out to be fatal for him; Jodi’s poor self-image and her willingness to submit to deep and repeated humiliation at his hands; and finally the effect of Travis’ hypocrisy on the other girls he dated, and the shit they had to put up with before discovering what was really lurking under his Magic Underwear. To me, Travis Alexander is just another brick in the wall any female associated with him ever had to climb. Except for the degree of severity, all of us XY types are essentially alike.

I can’t begin to get into the mind of a woman who could submit to this kind of torture; I’ve had, and still have, female friends who use a curious term to describe their leapfrogging from abusive/failed/doomed relationship to abusive/failed/doomed relationship: “serial monogamy.”

The first time I heard the term was from a friend, a couple of years ago. Then, recently, I heard another friend describe herself using the same term, and even more recently I’ve heard it used again. And when I look back at the patterns of some of my high-school and college friends, I can associate the concept to even more women. All the  documentation on it seems to point towards one of those basic personality traits humans have supposedly developed and evolved with over the eons – natural selection, survival of the species, Darwinism.

But isn’t it really just an excuse to rationalize promiscuity?  it sounds a lot more to me like drug addiction, only the poor addict has no idea what the hated drug she so desperately craves is going to do next time she swallows it. The only way I’ve ever seen a story like this end is in tragedy. Let’s hope the death toll in this case isn’t unfairly doubled by an Arizona jury.

*** I would like to acknowledge the gentle corrective action applied to me by one of the friends to whom I referred two paragraphs up. In addition, I would like to apologize to anyone I unintentionally offended with my misstated conclusion. In my own defense, I think it was an inherent fault in my Y chromosome, but that’s no excuse.

Please feel free to leave your opinions. In fact, I encourage and welcome your comments. All comments, however, are subject to approval before publishing. COMMENT SPAMMERS WILL BE FOUND AND EXECUTED.


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  1. I had an abussive boyfriend, who turned into an abussive husband and father of my two children. Like Travis, he used me always and his favorite fantasy was my being a hooker, my being dirty and saying and doing dirty deeds, like Travis he started with anal sex and then he wanted to be the woman as well, it was just twisted and horrible. But these type of men like to abuse their victims mentally, physically and verbally, then they feel terrible and return to loving them, 2 weeks later again the hatred starts and the humiliation starts. Becuase we are emotionally caught in this web, we see the niceness as love instead of what it truly is. I for one was very lucky to move on in my life and remarried a wonderful normal man who during the last 25 years of my life has not ever even tried to make me a whore, or play out anything but real love scenes. Dirty scenes is between two consenting adults, could be fun when both just want to make fun things happen, but truly dangerous and bad when one of the two is dominant and the other is victimized, vicious circle. Many times I wanted to kill my husband, but thank God that never happened. I do and dont blame her for what happened, I believe she was truly beautiful enough to get another boyfriend and leave this crazy one behind, but she had fatal attraction within herself and that combined with his devilish behaviour made this explotion come about. You can see from the knife wounds that she was really mad and just couldn’t contain hereself any longer. All the rest she did I would say in an insanity attack that stopped when it was too late.
    No one deserves to die in this manner, but irrational things that cant be stop will always happen to humanity. Maybe if he would have stopped using her and abusing her he would be alive today, maybe not, only Jodi knows what her state of mind was that fatal day. She will never say what happened, because she punishes herself over and over for not accepting and exploding like she did. We will never know and she will rot in jail for her explotion. Sorry for his parents and family and sorry for her parents and family. Everyone gets it in this particular case.


    • Cookie, I have to tell you how much I admire you for sharing your story. If the success story you’ve shared results in just one life saved, then it’s as if you saved the entire world.

      Unfortunately for Travis, there was no saving him. He was as hopelessly addicted to the attention women heaped on him as Jodi was to the attention he gave her. He was so far gone he actually went as far as to say he embraced the life of a bachelor – an obvious rationalization of the hopelessness of his addiction, considering what he said in the three paragraphs I pulled from his blog!

      Again, thanks for your thoughtful comment on this tragic case.


  2. she is a nut bucket who claims to be god fearing, yet feels no remorse for her actions.She seduced him and wanted the life he could provide and when he wanted out she could nt handle it. I hope she gets the death penalty or jail time and Karma.


    • Thanks for your comment, Rena. However, I have to disagree with every bullet point you made. She clearly did not seduce him — on the contrary, he recruited her into his cult, and on the very day he baptized her he anally raped her in the very clothing they wore to the baptism! From their first meeting, Travis sent missionaries over to her house on a weekly basis, made himself out to be a dutiful church member, magic underwear and all. He also had difficulty covering his own checks (to the tune of $1299 in one month), and had to collect halfies from her when they went on road trips. What a man, huh? I think you should take a few steps back and take another look at who was doing what to whom. Thanks again. -WSL-


  3. you have SO MANY FACTS of the case wrong in your post, no wonder you are confused. it appears you have been using social media to read up on the case, as well as watching some youtube. you need to research actual facts about what did and didn’t happen between them. there is NO PROOF or evidence that TA was abusive to JA. NONE. you reference things that JA ‘said’ TA did to her… you are at least AWARE that she is a sociopathic liar, right? I mean, you watched the interrogations? the ‘tree’ incident never HAPPENED, it was sex-talk. the spidey-boy-shorts were ALL OVER the place at that time, per Cam Diaz dancing in that movie scene, made for GIRLS. Like boy short bikinis for GIRLS. abuse? not there. sure they were hypocrites abt sex in their religion, but look at the FACTS, many Mormons ARE!! sorry, but if she dropped a camera, travis would’ve been lunging for THE camera, not at Jodi… ONLY JODI has said TA was ‘abusive’ and she DIDN’T even put it in her ‘diary’. she also doesn’t seem too afraid of JM; smirking, rolling eyes, HERE SHE IS, the actress we’ve all seen before on the interrogation tapes… she’s not scared, she didn’t shake and she NEVER tried to leave TA, HE broke it off with her. of course her team asked for a stay today of the DP. and it’s not happening bc she is guilty. Of lying, of killing and of covering up. IMO out of jealousy! and nothing in his blog post irks me one bit. I, too, wanted to marry someone who respected me for the things I was pursuing and achieving and I married my husband bc of his desire to achieve and do/be more. I sure wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone who didn’t love themselves.s first, is this REALLY your point? bc I am no disciple and his life is no religion. don’t get that weird jump one bit. WHY shouldn’t TA want someone to love him for what he was, what he wanted to be? Few steps back and all…


    • Hi. I don’t use social media for research, unless it’s to quote a real-world (i.e., audited) survey of Twitter or Facebook. I do use Twitter as a chat vehicle, but not as an information service. As for YouTube, I’ve watched all the testimony I didn’t hear live (TruTV or WPTV / @WildAboutTrial), so I only ever hear a couple of commentators for a short amount of time each day; none of them Nancy Grace, Thank God. I’d sooner spend a week locked in a room listening to Fran Drescher than I would spend half an hour listening to Nancy Grace. Has she ever stopped using the term Tot-Mom?

      I agree Jodi Arias is an habitual liar. I watched all the interrogations and none of the Inside Edition or 48 Hours Mystery crap – that’s all entertainment industry bullshit. I’m an old-school print media journalist, and I read all the papers Sarah Palin couldn’t name. The tree “incident” was correctly a tree fantasy, but Travis is documented as having brought it up – the evidence bears me out on that. I can’t address the Cameron Diaz reference, though.

      I think it’s unreasonable to say Travis was grabbing for the camera if it was his new toy. He would have more likely been in a blind rage, just as I think Jodi was when she killed him. With Jodi it was fight-or-flight. Ultimately on June 4, 2008, flight didn’t work for her, so her natural instinct was to fight. With Travis, it was rage against anything Jodi didn’t do perfectly, that is, up to his standards.

      Last Thursday, Jodi pwned Martinez. She had him all turned around, she was poised, and she threw him off his game. It was almost amusing to watch, because there were half a dozen times when she danced left, then right, and he let her get away each time! All day Monday, while Jodi was saying, “Of course not,” what she should have said was, “Of course not; I never put anything negative about Travis in my journal,” same as she did with text messages, IMs, and emails. She was ashamed of the abuse she took, and she was addicted to him. See “Jonestown.” So, they each had an off day, although Jodi surprised me a couple of times. JM: “What’s changed?” JA: “Time.” Brilliant.

      Because it’s your right to choose, I can’t comment on your reasons for marrying your husband, or your criteria in picking one. I also don’t think it’s my place to judge your reaction to Travis’ blog post, since I don’t know you. However I will say this: Travis had his own pathology; from his boldly screwing around on every woman he knew and always keeping a spare one in his pocket, and on a close leash in Jodi’s case, to his grandiosity: He was not a “man of accomplishment” – he couldn’t pay his bills. He was not an overachiever in any sense of the word. He wanted her to love him for what he wanted to be.

      Finally, as for being a hypocrite about sex relative to his own religion, he was the “Temple Member,” he wore the Magic Underwear, and he had the power to convert her to his cult, and even if he didn’t butt-rape her on the day he converted her, do you feel any better about him as a Mormon cleric because somewhere a Roman Catholic priest is doing the very same thing to an underage boy and he isn’t wearing 27 knife wounds for his sins?


      • Yeah, you definitely got that one right…about ‘jodi owning Juan Martinez during cross’. Uh…NOT.

        Your problem is your inability to think five chess moves ahead. Just like jodi!! Did you finally figure out that ‘owning’ the prosecutor during cross, playing a semantic word game with him – winning the short term battle but then having the extreme bad taste to gloat and smirk about it in front of the jury? When you’re a defendant accused of a brutal crime??? Never, ever gonna come across ‘winning’ Warren. But this is the problem with lots of Jodi supporters. Well, all 29 of them. They think like jodi. And jodi, well ..,not that smart.


      • [1] I don’t have a problem. You have a difference of opinion. I was probably commenting on the attitudes of the participants and the propriety of their performance relative to what people traditionally accept.

        [2] Semantic games ARE word games, so you’re being redundant. Semantic games are a component of psyops – did you see the latest leaked slide show from Washington? People do that every day. But it’s beneath a prosecutor of Martinez’ reputation to step into a witness’ trap; that’s the objective of the game, and her performance was creditworthy for a messed-up little Gen-X slut in comparison to that of a prosecutor like Martinez. (I’ve re-examined my comments about serial monogamists….)

        [3] I’m not a Jodi supporter in the strict sense that I believe she didn’t kill Alexander, and if I came off that way, it’s because I chose to take the position that reasonable doubt trumps vague details. Also, I believe fairly wholeheartedly that she was a victim of sexual abuse, and in that light, Travis Alexander put the match to Jodi Arias’ fuse. Self-worshiping hypocrite….

        That all said, since I think I addressed all your points, I just want to apologize for the long delay in responding to your comment. I think my comment-forwarding got lost when WordPress did their most recent update. I’ll fix that as soon as I click “send.” Thanks for reading and contributing.


  4. I was listening to the trail the other day…Prosecutor was just warming up..Understand the defense attorney is trying to make a case to the Arizona Supreme Court, to take the “DEATH PENALTY” off as one of the options for the penalty phase. This is so bizarre….Stay single, read books, get a blow up doll and be happy. Please don’t go to Christian, Mingle, Single sights. (LOL)


  5. Dear Warren, Sorry to hear of your health problems. I was very happy to read your comments about the Jodi Arias’ case. Thanks for putting the paragraphs from TA blog here so we can see more of the real TA. I could tell somewhat in the tapes they played from his voice and the way he “paces” himself that he thought very highly of himself and of course, Jodi re-enforced that image with her empowering words to him. She recognized his need to hear about his sexual prowess and she gave it to him because it was the way she knew she could keep seeing him.I do feel that she is certainly a victim here as well. She was desperate emotionally and financially…too bad she didn’t get an education, it probably would have saved two lives! I cannot abide Juan M and I think Jodi is smarter than he is. I am the only one on Twitter who ever says anything positive or in defense of Jodi. All of the ppl are just in the “off with her head” category and they think Juan is just the right guy to do it.These ppl are vultures! I cannot see where Juan has exposed any lies so far. What did he accomplish w/ her saying her sister was dumb?…I giggled when JA said “yes, I called her dumb AND STUPID”. Also, because she didn’t write it in her journal doesn’t mean it didn’t happen;.that’s not proof, but all the Insession and HLN reporters seem to think he has caught her in something.I don’t know how they come to that conclusion. We all know she lied to the cops, but somehow I believe what she’s said so far. The gun maybe a problem…maybe she did PLAN to kill him but she could have saved a lot of time if she had shot him when she arrived. They certainly had complementary neuroses and, God knows, they were both madly in love with him.. I’m anxious to hear what happens with the magazine notes. They DID pass through a lot of hands inside the prison. I am not a proponent of the death penalty only in cases of “hate” crimes:this is more of a love crime. Jodi Arias did not realize she was being abused; she honestly thought “if Travis thought it was hot – it was hot”! I just hope the jury has better analytical skills than Twitter folks and Vinnie Politan and the rest


    Melba April Del Bagno
    • Thanks for your kind comment. Jodi positively pwned Martinez Thursday, but didn’t show as well today (Monday). I also think Martinez lost points when he gnashed his teeth and almost charged at her, screaming “How do you think Travis Alexander felt when you stabbed him in the chest?!” Very unprofessional.

      There should not be a capital murder conviction in this case; it was clearly a crime of passion. Jodi is not a conniving schemer, she’s a victim of serial abuse. Can probably thank Mom & Dad Arias for causing her to believe she wasn’t worth anything, even to herself. Maybe especially herself.

      The HLN and TruTV “reporters” are entertainers, not journalists. Vinnie Politan has been acting like a first-class schmuck, complete with faces and bad impressions of Jodi’s responses. Joey Jackson doesn’t bother me as much, and in fact is good comic relief because he sounds exactly like a Jerry Lewis character (LAYYYY-deee!) But to my ear, neither of them have any kind of discernible regional accent, so I listen. Nancy Grace I just cannot stand.

      Similarly, I wouldn’t give much credence to the people on Twitter and Facebook because the great majority of them haven’t lived long enough to have known people with the kinds of problems Travis Alexander OR Jodi Arias suffered from. Many of them may be victims of serial abuse, just as she was. But they deny.

      She won’t get the death penalty — this wasn’t a capital case; it was a crime of passion that happened on the spur of the moment when both engines experienced simultaneous catastrophic failure. There was no way to land this plane and have everyone walk away unscathed; from the moment Travis met Jodi Arias, this flight was doomed.


  6. This is an interesting read. I love how you analysed Travis’ character, solely by reading his blog and listening to the person who killed him. What I really wanted to discuss is, how can a woman, who has been continually abused and humiliated, be so cold and calculating? If you go back and watch her interviews from 2008, you’ll notice how she giggles and smiles and tells everyone with utmost confidence that she did not kill him. She goes on to say that she’s grateful that she won’t have to answer to God for such a deed, becaue she is completely innocent. If she can be so calm and composed while lying, just weeks after she butchered a man, I cannot believe that she was abused. Travis had a huge sexual desire, but he wasn’t dominating with any of his other girlfriends. Jodi knew hot to control him, by giving him sex. He never raped her. That’s Jodi’s version of events; a woman who has continued to have sex with almost every other boyfriend, after breaking up with them. She is cold and manipulative, which is very scary because she is ALWAYS smiling. If you watched the cross on Thursday, you’ll notice how her lies are now being exposed one by one. I would love to know if you have changed your opinion about this case now, or you still believe in a proven liar, who is just trying to use the self-defense card to get away with murder?


    • Hi, and thanks for your comments. I employed more than Travis Alexander’s blog in assessing his character; I’ve reviewed all the testimony from each of the witnesses, and I’ve watched all the police interrogations that are in the public domain. The only thing I’ve not seen in full are the opening statements (which are not admissible statements of fact, but of goals) as I haven’t been able to find a complete recording of them. (I do have a request in to a Phoenix reporter who has yet to get back to me.) The one YouTube video clipped the meat of Martinez’ statement, so I discounted that entire chapter of this melodrama and listened to neither side’s statement. After the O.J. trial and the Casey Anthony trial, I heard all the horseshit I ever want to hear from any lawyer.

      In listening to all the other testimony from the prosecution, and reading and hearing Travis in his own words, I think I’m fairly safe in assuming the guy was a manipulative hypocrite. This includes his keeping control of his urges with the women who testified that he was a gentleman and a pious member of their cult. Of course, with his mainstream (i.e., non-freaky) buddies, he had appearances to keep up. But for a ditzy California chick who gave him oral sex the second time she met him, he was free to be his unbridled, unabashed self. He’d already sunk his hook firmly into one set of her lips; it was just a matter of time before he snagged her by the gills.

      I completely discount her interaction with the “tabloid” TV shows, because she was not under oath, and they each had their own selfish reasons for saying or presenting what aired. To remain unbiased, I ignored all the “exclusive” interviews with Arias, and I’ve seen no reason to change my mind about this case. She will be convicted, but not of capital murder. And she needs to have extensive mental health counseling so when she’s ultimately set free she won’t repeat the addictive behavior. I kinda think she’s learned. Jodi Arias is not a stupid woman.


  7. Warren I completely respect that this is your opinion and then again that is exactly what it is… your opinion. Now here is mine. It is as simple as.. They dated, they had sex, he decided she was too controlling and manipulative. He decided to break it off. She didn’t like it. She would do anything to get him back, she continued to give him sex, him as a male at his age as most males his age would do accepted the free loving… he decided to move on and away from her, due to her Sociopathic tendencies as stated in his text to her at the end of May. She wanted to go to Cancun with him but ultimately wanted to be with him forever. When she found out he was taking Mimi Hall to Cancun she decided if I can’t have him no one else will and she plotted the murder,by stealing her grandfathers gun, got the gas cans, flipped the plates, and went on to AZ and murdered Travis. Sorry I don’t think it’s as complicated as people want to make it.

    Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned,
    Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned.
    William Congreve


    • You can’t possibly be serious if you’re quoting a 30-year-old playwright who lived in England 400 years ago. So, you believe in gender stereotypes as they existed during the Puritan Era?

      Do you also believe that when Jodi was passed out sleeping on her face she was asking to be awakened by Travis Alexander’s penis inside her? Or that she asked to have him stick his face in her vagina while she was sleeping in his chair? That’s called RAPE.

      Sorry, but your statement that “she decided to give him sex” is nullified by HIS overwhelming desire to give HER sex. Which, being the generous, philanthropic soul his friends describe, Travis was also giving away to all the other good little cultist chicks he was diddling at the same time. Travis Alexander may have been a vaunted Temple Member, but he didn’t have the right to get into every Mormon’s Tabernacle he ever sniffed.


      • If you heard the sex tape, she indeed said yes she loved it when he woke her up like that. She wanted him to give her a “generous facial”. She wanted to dress up like a schoolgirl and wanted him to “pound her ass”. If you think those are the words of a battered woman, you are as delusional as she is. In her testimony, she never ever told him that she was uncomfortable. Infact she seduced him by saying such stuff. Travis is not a mind reader. And he was having sex only with Jodi, which has been confirmed by every single girlfriend of his.


      • Nope. Jodi did not initiate those things – she went along with them because that’s the way to placate two-faced Travis. Travis was not a mind-reader – he was abusive predator. He got her to convert to his cult; baptized her himself (before ass-raping her in those same “holy” clothes), and she stroked his ego while he was stroking himself. Last item: my psychiatrist says I am not delusional, and if anyone would know, he/she would. Furthermore, he/she believes Jodi showed clear signs of a person who’d been sexually abused even as a child. If you read my response to your first comment, I conceded that Travis was on his best choir-boy behavior with his mainstream love interests. You know, the ones with the Mormons veneris virtuous.


  8. Jodi is a sociopath & a proven liar. The jury will disregard her testimony.


  9. Yes I do believe a 30 year old playwright that lived over 400 years ago. Humans evolve physically and mentally, but love, hate, rage, anger seem to remain the same and unfortunately in this day and time seem to excel in some people. This was typical overkill filled with rage from a scorned woman. Was she in the process of being raped when she did this? No, she was taking pictures of a naked man in the shower. Did she have the opportunity to leave at any time that some of these alledged rapes were taking place? Yes, she lived 100’s of miles away. She never had to come back or see him again, but continued to pursue him. Could she call the police and report the rapes? Yes, Did she? No. There are so many inconsistencies in her story and the forensics doesn’t match either with her story. Do I want to believe someone is capable of what she did? Heaven’s no!! But does someone who stabs someone 29 times, slits there throat and then the deathblow, a shot to the head, deserve to be punished? Yes. Was Travis a scumbag for treating her like he did? Yes. Did he deserve to die? No. My aunt killed my uncle in a domestic violence episode, after 25 years of extremely cruel mental and physical abuse. She was not prosecuted or even arrested for what she did, because when the police arrived her eyes were so swollen from the beating that she could not see. Jodi was not abused. Jodi wanted more out of the relationship than Travis was willing to give. She is a narcissist, she could not see why Travis would not love her as much as she loved herself and that infuriated her. There is another quote that even though it is old and you may not think it still applies because it was so long ago. I still believe in it.

    Thou shalt not kill.
    Exodus 20:13


    • Hi, Renee, and thanks so much for sharing your aunt’s sad and touching story. To keep an answer short (for a change), my next post will address much of your comment. Jodi was certainly no narcissist: she changed her breasts, hair color, and religion; and gave up any morals she might have had for others, not herself. She’s left now with only shame, and it’s hers alone. She could have been something if someone along the line would have cared. I can’t fairly judge if she had the capacity to become infuriated for simply a perception. We’ll see. Finally, you’ve got an error in your translation from the original Hebrew and its meaning as cited in Exodus 20:13. The commandment, one of 613 in the Bible, (i.e., The Old Testament) states “Thou shalt not murder.” The explanation for that is in the Talmud: “If a man comes to kill you, kill him first.” Which is what happened in the split second in which Jodi Arias had time to think when she feared for her life.

      For you, my dear, and for your aunt, please refer to Num. 6:24-26.


  10. Being acknowledged seems to be part of basics needs of many husbands. Sounds like Travis thought quite highly of himself while Jodi was a 3 holed wonder ..Is “3 holed wonder” part of the Mormon sexual slang along with grind, and other secret code words. Is abusive treatment of women part of the LDS sociology?
    If so, Travis baptising JA literally, and then taking her back, and baptising her with physical anal rape was symbolic of what was in store for her as a female under Mormon values. He was telling her, this is what you are. and now you are baptised, and initiated to gender degradation.
    I fear the Mormons will influence this case someway, so that Travis is vindicated along with the exposure of the Mormon religion’s underbelly. No one will ever know what they do in this case. But this is like the Pope resigning before the walls tumble with all the sex behind the robes going on in the clergy.
    I don’t condone Jodi’s counterattack, I do believe she was dissociative, on the night of the murder, and throughout her contact with TA. TA and JA seem to be acting out the Gods classical archetypal tragedy.


    • Hi, and thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about husbands’ basic need to be acknowledged. I’ve felt the exact same way at times in my 33-year marriage. I can’t say if the filthy epithet Travis used is part of some secret Mormon sexual code, because I avoid them like Ebola, but I knew the term as a teenager in NYC: Grinding was with your clothes on; with your clothes off, it was called “Balling.” (Pardon my Brooklynese.)

      I agree that misogyny is prevalent in Mormonism. Polygamy is OK, so your husband can cheat on you with half a dozen other women, as long as he calls them his wives and wears his magic underwear. I know a regular churchgoing Mormon couple who engage exclusively in oral sex because they’re not married within the church. I also know that the mother taught her 15-year-old daughter every technique she knew so she wouldn’t be tempted to have vaginal sex when she started dating (two years prior). We were friends with the girl’s boyfriend’s parents, and we heard the entire gruesome but strangely hilarious story from an unimpeachable source. There are a lot of Mormons in the PNW.

      Personally, and I don’t claim to be an expert on either institution, I think Mormons and Catholics have a lot in common, except for a few fundamental differences. Missionaries come to mind first and foremost. I can’t grasp a religion that fishes for souls and puts God on an auction block. But that’s a subject for another post and another discussion. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.


  11. I certainly apologize for the “delusional” remark. I just think you need to hear that tape again. A battered woman puts up with all abuse for many reasons. Most of those reasons are valid if two people are married and the woman is looking to protect her child or is trying to save herself from bodily harm. Jodi had sexual contact with Travis within one week of meeting him. If she didn’t like that, she could’ve walked away. There’s nothing that tied her to Travis at that point. She was used to anal sex since she was a teenager. Nowhere in her testimony she said she was raped. She liked to be dominated. That’s also a kind of sex (BDSM), in which you might think the person who is dominating is being abusive. But that’s not true.

    She was into it as much as he was. She said that in her testimony two days ago. I assume that you have been watching her testimony, because “ass rape” is a term that you yourself have used to describe it, and it’s highly biased. A battered woman would NEVER ever call her abuser and initiate a sex talk, unless she enjoys it. She was jealous, wanted attention, and this is obviously a case of “if I can’t have him, no one will”.

    PS: And no Travis wasn’t perfect. Nobody is. If every small detail from our personal lives are made public like this by lawyers, they can prove whatever they want to prove we are.


    • Hi again, and thanks for the continuing conversation. (Blogging beats the hell out of newspaper writing.) Apology accepted; thanks. I’ve listened to the tape no less than four times: watched it live, downloaded footage from YouTube, played it for my wife when she got home from work, and once again -slowed down- when I was working on my last article.

      To approach your points in order, there comes a point where a woman will not put up with all abuse, whether or not she’s absorbing the rest of the abuse for defensive reasons. Jodi was overcome with the amount of attention Travis gave her from the moment they met. He was the BMOC at that convention, and he used his charm, however manufactured, to close the deal. He was as smooth as KY jelly. They spoke every day while they were in Las Vegas, and before a week was up, she was having sex with him in a car. Once the convention ended, and he’d already poisoned her with the first dose of Mormon venom, he sent MISSIONARIES to her house weekly. That reinforced her esteem for him as well as providing her with maintenance doses of said venom. It was not long thereafter that Travis, who had the power to baptize her into his cult and thereby inject more venom, closed the deal on her soul and then proceeded to throw her down and force her into anal sex, no lube. The fact that she’d had contact like that before with at least two other boyfriends simply facilitated penetration for Travis, but what it says to me at least is that she would take anything from anyone as long as she got their attention as the psychological equivalent of money. She was prostituting her pride. As for the rape angle, firstly if she woke up to find a penis or a tongue inside her, this is prima facie evidence of rape. Whether she agreed to continue thereafter was up to her. But she had every right under the law to claim rape. That’s just a fact.

      Although I know there are plenty of people who are into BDSM to one degree or another (evidence: local sex toy-store has more leather on display than the golf pro shop), my personal feeling is that it’s aberrant and a good ways off the broken path. I don’t doubt that domination, submission, humiliation and the like are practiced by more people than I’d like to think, but society is so fucked up now as opposed to when I grew up, I discount that the same as I do Jodi’s lack of self-esteem and pride: just another of the symptoms of our collective social disease. As for my use of the term “ass-rape,” on a number of occasions, Jodi did testify that she wasn’t into it when she was penetrated angrily, but since it made Travis happy, or placated him, she would submit to it because, what the heck, it wasn’t like the final frontier, where no man had gone before.


      • First of all, it’s impossible to believe everything she says because she will say anything to save her neck as has been proven. And secondly, if all this was really true and she never let him know, I don’t think it can be blamed on Travis completely. The heinous murder cannot be justified by saying that she wanted to please him to grab his attention. The way you described her, it seems she’s not a grown woman, but a small child who will not take responsibility for anything. As Martinez pointed out again and again, there’s absolutely no corroboration for any of her “abuse” stories.

        From your comments it appears that you have a thing against Mormons. I hope that’s not biasing you unfairly against Travis who was butchered by this woman.


      • Hi. I don’t believe everything Jodi Arias says — far from it. I’m from Brooklyn; we can detect bullshit 3000 miles away. And I’m not justifying her killing Travis — in fact, she would have been much better off cutting off his dick and putting it in a blender. That, he deserved, or at least something similar.

        Good observation that “she’s not a grown woman….” You’re absolutely right on that. Her personal growth was retarded by some unknown instance of sexual abuse when she was still a child. I still believe her mental illness stems from some catastrophic instance of abuse many years before she tagged along with the biggest loser in her small town – GothBoy.

        Finally, if it appears that I have a thing against Mormons, then you’re once again right on the mark. They have the disgusting disrespect for the dead, proven by their practice of converting Jewish Holocaust victims. They call us Christ-killers, and their mission as described in their ridiculous book is to “convert the Jews to the Christ whom they slayed,” something like that. Fuck that cult. First time I ever read that was in the Seattle Sheraton. When I came to that part, I threw the fucking book off my 16th floor balcony right into a dumpster, with a 25 mph wind against me — one of the best shots I’ve ever made. And how righteous that Hashem allowed me to make that shot in His Name.


  12. Warren your comment that Jodi is not a narcissist is contrary to what most psychologist have said about her. She changed her boobs, hair color and religion to fulfill her agenda. To obtain the man she wanted. That’s how narcissist work. To address your perception of Thou Shall Not Kill. You said, “Thou Shall Not Murder” that if a man comes to kill you, you kill them first. Well, from what I understand and from Jodi’s testimony, Travis was in the shower. I don’t think she was threatened at all. If he had body slammed her on a tile floor she would have definitely had some bruising. But, instead of seeking treatment for her injuries she just drove a few hundred more miles to grind on another Mormon. If it was self-defense why not own up to it? Why not call police and say he tried to kill me? Probably, because their was nothing to back up her self defense story. Why do all that she did to cover it up? When all she had to do was to call police and turn him in? Why did she slit his tires twice and the tires on a girl’s car he was seeing? Why crawl through the doggy door and sleep on his couch without him knowing? The girl was just plain out crazy and still is. After what my aunt went through (and I appreciate your kind words about her situation) for 25 years of being tied to chairs and having her husband shoot around her head, tie her children to trees and beat them with the metal ends of belts, have him shoot and kill her two precious dogs while they were sitting at her feet. I could go on and on with the torture that she endured but she only shot him once. No throat slashing, no stabbing. Maybe Jodi did endure abuse as a child, unfortunately Travis was the person she decided to take all her rage out on. But I find it highly doubtful she has ever been abused. Unfortunately no religion can keep you from being human. What everyone seems to forget is that this trip to see Travis was not planned by Travis. She showed up all on her own. No abuse victim continues to travel hundreds of miles just to get abused. There is no evidence that Travis owned a gun, if he did why don’t she tell the police where she put it? They could find it and prove one way or another if he owned it, they certainly could take the serial number and trace it to the person he bought it from, even if he bought it illegally. The reason they don’t have the gun is because it belonged to Jodi’s grandfather. Ultimately she is just a cold blooded killer. Narcissist are only for themselves and feel the rest of the world is out to get them. Jodi Arias is the definition of a narcissist along with Scott Peterson and Drew Petersen.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Another thing everyone seems to miss is that Jodi claims getting hit with a wooden spoon and getting grounded as abuse. Has anyone read about Travis’ childhood? Both his parents were meth addicts and they weren’t around when he needed them. Both of them passed away prematurely and he was taken in by his grandmother. It is pretty obvious that Travis had a pretty awful childhood but he still turned out to be successful. I can’t blame him if he uses self prase as a method to keep himself happy. He did not have his parents to praise him when he was growing up. On the other hand Jodi was a spoilt kid from the very beginning. Dropping out of school, running off to live with her crazy boyfriend, and then blaming everyone else for her own decisions. All her previous boyfriends might be losers, but Travis was who she wanted to be with forever. Even on the witness stand she keeps saying that she used sex to get his attention. When she saw him slipping out of her hands despite all the sex she was willing to provide him, she finished him off in a rage. It was rage, not self defense, and that alone is enough to discount whatever tale she’s spinning in that courtroom.


      • I wouldn’t characterize Jodi as having given him sex to get his attention. He gave her plenty of attention; during sex, but primarily fighting in between sex sessions, where he committed violence against her as a punishment. What did he do when the CDs turned out scratched? Turned her around and essentially raped her, then came on her back and told her to go clean herself up, as if she’d shit herself.

        As for your question about my feelings toward Mormons and Mormonism, I believe they are a secretive cult, and I resent them on a very deep level for their practice of converting Jewish victims of the Holocaust. If I actually happened to see or hear someone as they were doing their little magic spell, I’d cut off the bastard’s limbs and throw him in a pen with some hungry swine. They’ll eat their own, you know.


  13. Warren, Wow! Thank you for writing the thoughts that are in my head but are thoughts I could never put into written word. I see Jodi and her actions much the same as you describe. The entire story is tragic. I find Jodi’s willingness to go along with Travis and find enjoyment in his enjoyment very typical of most young women. Women give sex to get love. Men give love to get sex. I’m encouraged by your thoughts she will not receive the death penalty.

    I feel sad for Travis’s demise. He didn’t deserve to have his life end in this horrific fashion. I feel sad for Jodi too.

    I’m sickened by the media. The glee and delight they seem to find in making her into an evil cunning murderer is laughable. You are wise to not waste a moment of your time viewing them. I’m going to do the same going forward.

    A question … Do you have any ideas on how and why this happened in the first place? What went so wrong on that summer day in June? I don’t believe she arrived with the intent to take his life. I believe if she planned it she would attempted to do better job to ensure she left no evidence behind. Or planned it to happen out in the desert where he might not be found to this day….

    Thank you for putting your ideas out here. Please keep sharing your thoughts.


  14. Warren i dissagree with you on Travis. I see a guy who is on a spcial website talking himself up. He’s saying what most guys think. Girls like you if you have a good job, friends and achieve goals. Thats the truth because its a sense of security for a woman. Ill tell you from my personal experience is this guy is no pedophile, or controlling manipulative sicko. My father was an abusive sadistical asshole. He controled every aspect of what my mother did. He was jealouse and would show up to her work ehen she first was with him. Stalkers and controlers go to the person there controling. Jodi , in wich many cases showed all the charecteristics of it. Showed up unnannounced. Came in through doggy door, threatened people, and slashed his tires. My father did crazy shit to my mother like that. Jodi just couldnt control him with physical abuse her way was sexual. Wich i think is the differamce between how a man can control a woman through physical, Jodi tried to control Travis in the same way. Tge child porn thing is bullshit, like all the other crap she spews. My mother went through twenty times worse then any of the things Travis supposedly did. If she got , kicked, punched, mentally abused someone hears it. Someone sees it. My mom got broken ribs, black eyes, fork thrown into her elbow, punchered ribs. So on and so on. She stayed cause he controled her saying if she left hed kill her and her family. People knew though, they said things at work and she told. Never did she explain to anyone anything. If he was so controlling and sexual wierdo, why was she free to go live in california whenever she wanted. Shes the deviant and i think he learned anal from her. She found ways around mormonism to get to do those things with her. The underwear crap is made up bs im sure they search Travis’s house up and down by now. Wheres his spidey underwear? Wheres the pics of boys? If on computer wheres the harddrive provong it? Over and over the fiesty one is Arias her line up of guys even say she was sexually aggressive. She tried to control him with sex, to see if he’d bring her to cancun. If he said no she had her second option ready, murder. She may look good and play innocent but shes a black widow. I know ptsd, i was going to join the army, but it prevented me. Things i saw for 17 years huants you. No fog like a permanent scar on your brain. Luckily i have a good job oddly enough im a corrections officer. Ive learned to tell a liar when i see one. The thing about leap frogging one bad relationship, to another ,bad and abusive guy. Is another symtom of being abused, there brains are hardwired to that pattern. My mother survived my father by talking to me. To help with stress . I protected her from any physical when i got old enough. I Get what your saying about Travis. If you believe in a narsasistic, pathological liar. She wants her make up after she gets arrested for murder. Are you kidding me? She sings, she laughs she talks to herself. Sounds like a mental person. My mother went through 20 years of hell showed nothing like this girl. I could have killed my father or horribly beat him. My mother would stop me and say hes your father. Woman who are abused rarely if ever kill them. Never have fog,never travel woth a stolen gun, rented vehicle full of gas cans. To travel take pictures have sex then murder.If they could and didnt have kids or didnt feel threatened they leave. Most are married with kids. She changed her hair color on tge way too. I mean stack it all up. She gad guys she was seeing in california. Who i think she was flaunting letting travis know to get him jealouse. The guy flirted with girls, what straight guy doesnt? Most say was innocent, one says he wanted her for her body. Wich some girls think that anyways. I look at the facts as well as the people. For the most part Travis was a normal guy, does normal guy things. Jodi lies, manipulates, is social intrevert, and was obssesed with this guy. People who worked with her knew it. Said shed work eight hour shift, and have to go to Travis. They would tell her leave him alOne go to bed. She would leave and drive all the way to arrizona. People who worked with her said she would talk constantly throughout the day about Travis. If my mom was in a different state as my dad. When shes been abused, going to him after any amount of eork, let alone ever. Would be the last thing she did. My mom would hate this girl, she is using “abuse” as a copout. Any woman knows you dont forget the bad things or go into a fog. I know as well, i got the first hand knowledfe unfortunately. I refuse to bash an innocent man for some, lying girl getting off with her own looks If that guy was like my dad i would know it. I dont get played by doe eyed girls. Casey Anthony is another got away, there one in the same. One was just smart enough to not take the stand. I hope Arias gets her judgment day. Hope like oj and casey not another murderer set free.


    • Sorry for all the typos and capitalization errors. Trying to type fast on these touch screen cellphones are rediculouse. I just got to say something. Warren i think your a bit taken by this girl. Your looking on the outside. All her traits she shows are not that of an abused woman. Maybe you hear of these thing , but ive seen it. If it was a guy who stabbed his girlfriend 29 times and then shot her lifeless body. I think you would easily condemn him. Same with Casey Anthony, looks can kill and get away with it. Just saying though its almost laughable, if a guy did this fog thing. It is with Jodi to me too. I know better. I heard too pedophiles, if they are have trails of crap on computer, in homes ect. Can you tell me where his stuff is?


  15. What a crappy post this is. Why would anyone waste there (sic) time picking apart a dead man’s writings & give it a completely new & negative context. He wanted to be accomplished. He measured success by being proficient at his work & earning a good income. And the reason he wanted a wife who would appreciate these qualities is because it works in harmony with these attributes. BIG DAMN DEAL. I could care less if your perception of him is negative but the truth is, he was brutally tortured to death & he isn’t here to explain what he meant or who he is anymore. So just leave this guy alone & find a hobby. You’re just as bad as the Anti Jodi fanatics.


    • Thanks for your comment. I picked his post apart because it was material information regarding Travis Alexander’s character, like you’re picking apart my post. =) Turnabout’s fair play. Travis Alexander’s blog post was more brag & stroke than anything else, except the time he jerked off over the phone in the recorded conversation — that one was stroke & brag. He wasn’t all as he painted himself. His post illustrated his need to put people in awe of him, and ALL the videos I’ve seen of him indicate his desperate need to be looked up to. Considering his childhood, I don’t blame the poor guy. (Note as well that my “diagnosis” of Jodi Arias was right on target even though I only minored in psych). I took his post in the context in which it was written. I’m not a sensationalist. This ain’t the New York Post.

      I would never dare to call a 62-second heat-of-passion rampage “brutal torture.” You should talk to a couple of Vietnam vets to find out what brutal torture really is, and how long it lasted. Ask John McCain; he’s local to the trial, and he survived the Hanoi Hilton. Furthermore, how anyone could do all that damage in such a short time quite obviously snapped.

      Finally, comments like “find a hobby” are trite and immature. If you checked either of my Twitter profiles, you’d see that your off-target jab was as meritless as your “brutal torture” comment.


  16. Let her live..Do some drug experimentation on the sociopath. Leopold & Loeb–they had the so called perfect murder in the 1920’s, I think. They got caught and went to jail…One died in jail and the other Ithink got out eventually. Bottom line, they were guinea pigs for the new drug to be introduced. Penecillin (spelling). Let this sociopath be used in this manner. Only difference she will not ever get out of jail, only in a casket.


    • That would be unconstitutional as, without her approval, it would constitute “cruel and inhuman punishment.” That would never be allowed unless Jodi specifically signed up to be a test subject. This is The United States of America. We don’t do the same shit The People’s Republic of China does. That’s what makes America different than Communist China.

      Of course, that doesn’t excuse the Federal Government’s secret use of pepper-gas on New York Subway riders (of which I was one) during the J. Edgar Hoover regime, but it’s a different day now.

      Brilliant suggestion, though. Ni shi bu shi zhongguo ren?


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