Jodi Arias: Running With The Devil of untreated mental illness   16 comments

I found the simple life ain’t so simple, when I jumped out on that road.
I got no love, no love you’d call real, ain’t got nobody waitin’ at home….

— Van Halen

Jodi Arias had a big problem keeping her life simple. It began in her childhood, and it is securely locked behind one of the psychological coping mechanisms she’d developed to shield herself from the intolerable mental anguish of whatever cost her self-esteem before she even turned 15. This was a crucial time of her life, during which she needed attentive parenting — extra attentive, because rather than blossoming into a woman, she was wilting and dying inside. But she got no love, no love she’d call real; and there was nobody waitin’ at home.

Where did she go first, as a 15-year-old? Into the claws of an 18-year-old goth kid who believed he was a vampire, and wanted to take Jodi to San Francisco “to find some real vampires and live together forever (in death).” [Editor’s note: Outside of Hollywood (or Vancouver) movie sets, there are no goddamned vampires!] We are talking about the number one low-life reject in her little town, dressed in black when it was over 100 degrees in the shade, who stood out like a bent left ring finger. That hookup was short-lived, as he cheated on Jodi and she moved out. He was her first in many ways.

Foreign exchange student

Next, she IMs her way into a relationship with a kid in Costa Rica who had the same last name as Jodi, and she’s enrolled in an exchange program and living with his family. So, the cultural exchange program naturally turns to the exchange of bodily fluids, he gets her a ten-dollar ‘promise ring,’ and he immediately takes possession of her.

After Jodi returned, they continued to communicate as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ until he came to California for his part of the foreign exchange program, staying with some relatives in Redding, about a hundred miles south of Yreka and ironically the town from which Jodi rented the car she used to make that last trip to Mesa. While the guy from Costa Rica was visiting California, he and Jodi got more serious, but he became overtly controlling of her, berating and falsely accusing her when she exchanged innocent hi-hi’s with a male classmate who worked at an ice-cream drive-thru window in Yreka. That was the end of that.

Intercourse With The Vampire

And, so Jodi went back to GothBoy with the belief that Sept 23, 1997 was going to be the end of the world, thanks to Town Drunk With Bible, who she inexplicably latched onto, and she just wanted to prepare Juarez so he/they could… I don’t know what. Escalate their relationship to anal sex and probably other demeaning acts while introducing her to KY Jelly to facilitate same, it appears. Then she splits town again and makes her way down the California coast, supporting herself with a series of waitress jobs.

This friendly, intelligent, attractive girl who had a future if she’d just applied herself toward developing her talents, or if her advisor in high school would have spent some time with her, was headed into the decaying orbit that would consume the totality of her life.

BREAKING NEWS: Significant breakthrough in abnormal psychology

Jodi Ann Arias’ capital murder trial in Phoenix is a study in abnormal psychology. (I’m so glad I passed that in college.) But as all science does over a lifetime, the studies, causes, and treatments of mental illness have morphed almost beyond recognition. There are whole new methods of identifying and isolating specific syndromes, and new reasons and cures for diseases are discovered every time we seem to turn around.

Last week, Lancet ran this story that appears to change the profile of five major psychiatric disorders previously thought not to be related: autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia.

Thanks to embryonic stem-cell research, the work of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, and the geniuses who worked on the decoding of the human genome, we now have a landmark discovery which can reasonably cause mental health professionals to believe Jodi Arias’ many personality disorders are genetic in nature.

Jodi’s dissociation from reality – pathology

In addition to the above specific groups of mental illness, there are the many dissociative disorders, which also afflict Jodi, and make her everything she shouldn’t be, specifically Dissociative Identity Disorder, which affects self-esteem. Dissociation is a universal response to overwhelming trauma, according to Marlene Steinberg, MD, a prominent published psychiatrist who specializes in this field. I would love to see Jodi’s results on the adult DES test.

I’m very anxious to hear what Dr. Samuels has to say, and whether this will alter his diagnosis of Ms. Arias. If anyone in this case is competent to relate this discovery to the mental illness that turns a talented, intelligent, demure, and — let’s face it — knockout gorgeous young woman into the Queen in Aliens, it is Dr. Richard Samuels, PhD. 

(Note: I have no idea how this completely unrelated line appeared here. I would credit it to a KUI error and a proofreading mess-up.)

— At this point I’ll spare you the gory details of their illicit sexual relationship; we’ve already got TMI. —

Flash-bang adrenaline grenade

Although I have major doubts that Jodi indeed planned this poorly-choreographed attack, I agree that Jodi Arias is ultimately responsible for the death of Travis Alexander. But I still fail to see how a 5’5″ (1650 cm) 125- to 140-lb. (~60 kg) woman could effect as much damage as she apparently did to someone the size of Alexander, who worked out and outweighed her by 60-80 pounds of upper-body muscle. Especially within the timeline we’ve been given thanks to date and time stamps on the photos:

5:29:20  intentional face shot of Travis in shower (break of 1:10)
5:30:30  intentional (deleted) “Calvin Klein” shot of Travis sitting in shower (break of 44 seconds)
5:31:14  accidental picture as camera hit the floor (break of 1:02)
5:32:16  accidental picture of Jodi’s foot in blood, Travis is dead. (Total elapsed time: 2 minutes 56 seconds.)

So, we’re to believe that Jodi Arias was cognizant of what happened? The entire killing took 62 seconds – the length of a commercial! If that’s not the primal reaction of someone who’s in immediate fear for her life, and blacked out by her own adrenaline, then space-time must have curved for the minute and two seconds it took for her to effect 27 stab wounds, two more that Travis blocked with his hands, a gunshot wound, and a cleanly slit throat, presumably in one continuous motion, from ear to ear. And then pick him up and drag him down the hall as soon as the mortal combat was over, kicking the camera in the process. It does not fit that a person in their right mind could achieve that.

Had Jodi Arias not been in the blackout state she referred to as “a fog” during those few short seconds it took to inflict all that damage on Travis Alexander, she would never have reacted the way she did. She must have been terrified to the extent of having a seizure. Why not run out the door instead of into the closet? Because her brain did what human brains do under massive stress – it blanked out, and the animal instinct of survival came roaring in from her hypothalamus and turned her into something like The Tasmanian Devil on Angel Dust.

After hearing two more weeks of incredibly detailed testimony, I’m getting a little weary of watching Jodi Arias, her fencing with Juan Martinez, his teeth gritting like a mad dog’s, and I’ve become tired at looking at The Bride of Frankenstein and her sister the cop, with the Hitler comb-over. Let’s get this redirect done in a day or two at the most, let’s let Juan Martinez out of his doghouse, and on to the jury’s questions for Jodi. That could be a pivotal point in the trial, since there are a lot of missing puzzle pieces to put into place.

Then we’ll get to hear from the forensic psychologist, which should be an adventure in abnormal psych.

Final note: If Joe Arpaio doesn’t give Jodi Arias food and water during this trial, a basic civil right, I will fucking report him for violations of the Geneva Conventions*, The U.N. Conventions on Human Rights, and the United States Constitution. Also, the little fucker’s looking for a Habanero pie in the face if I ever have the opportunity.

* If Americans are subject to The Patriot Act, then the fucking Geneva Conventions cover our rights. The Patriot Act effectively enforced martial law.


16 responses to “Jodi Arias: Running With The Devil of untreated mental illness

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  1. [Misspelled personal insult deleted] the only victim is Travis Alexander. I have fought mental illness my entire life but I blame no one for mistakes I made and not having the best childhood and I am offended by people who think and claim mental illness is a excuse for any and all things. So because she is a ‘”frail” woman you find it hard to believe she could stab 29x slit his throat ear to ear and shoot him in the face? That’s why she got him in the most venerable please she could at the time the only other time would be when he was asleep being it was late afternoon evening she couldn’t predict when that would happen. Yes she planed this she manipulated him into taking pics in the shower to KILL HIM. she drove 1000’s of miles brought her grandfathers gun and murderer this man. Regardless if she felt justified in killing him maybe you could be interested in that what makes a sociopath turn into a sociopath!


    • 1. Don’t throw personal insults on my fucking site. Understand? I approved this with your snotty misspelled insult deleted.

      2. My personal opinion is that Jodi will be found guilty, but she will not receive the death penalty. She might actually get it down to M2, with a sentence of 15-to-22 less time served, according to some talking melon on CNN the other night. M1 would carry a sentence of 25-to-life, which is what I think she’ll get.

      3. I can tell your emotions got the best of you about midway through: about the point where you typed “venerable please” instead of “vulnerable place,” so I won’t go any further with you. I’m sorry you had it rough growing up. I lived in NYC Public Housing (“The Projects” you may have heard of on TV) for much of my childhood, so I didn’t have it too easy either.


    • As a mental illness sufferer myself I find your statement to be incorrect ,i suffer from ptsd, schizophrenia the paranoid type.those two converge and take me to very dark places I have memory issues at times I simply black out in thought, I understand how people can accidentally do things like she did under thought of imminent death.your illness may not affect you as severe as it does others, and or simply you may not have the same illness jodi has. Email me


      benjamin grant
      • Benjamin Grant if that’s true. Then how does it seem to be her blackouts happen in such opportune times. Seems like when shes under intense stress, like being interrogated or grilled by Martinez. She doesn’t black out. She doesn’t have shaky hands, or shaky actions whatsoever. Shes still and calm, even snaps back at Martinez. Is it miraculous, she takes no drugs or anything. Says only happened twice in her life when she blacked out. Once when she drank too much, and second when she murdered. I believe you do have that condition. But, when your blackouts come its more often then twice in your lifetime. She remembers things like someone with a phtographic memory. I don’t remember things i did three years ago. Let alone specifics like the coffee i ordered and who was with me when i did it three years ago. Yet no memory when she stabs, “the guy she loves” 29 times. Fatal cuts to the back, meaning she snuck up behind him. How confident she is answering her defense team. How confident she is and calm on tv show. Saying no jury will ever convict me. She is playing abused woman syndrome, playing meek and innocent. When in reality she’s a cold calculating, manipulative murderer.


      • I totally disagree with you, even if someone does have mental illness, doesn’t mean they don’t know right from wrong. Jodi drove 1000 miles just to get revenge. She was a stalker, and calculator and manipulator. I would of probably given her the benefit of doubt for a mental blackout if she was already there and Travis made her really mad that got Jodi on her edge. Now I’m positive she was just a very obsessive woman who was self centered and suffered from low self-esteem.


  2. To the writer of this piece, bravo. written perfectly I agree with everything you said and I see your more than valid point.i think we need a highly sophisticated and thorough psychological examination though it’s always interesting to discover things the mind does. 10/10 writing, just excellent.


    benjamin grant
    • Thank you very much, Benjamin.

      Mainstream America (the general population) does not understand the extent to which mental illness, manifesting itself in so many different ways, works to control one’s personal “reality.” The fact is, reality is relative to who’s living in it. What’s real to me isn’t real to you or my shrink or the guy down the block dribbling his basketball at 2 in the morning.

      And that’s what I’ve been trying to convey. It’s the same concept as two objects sharing the same space at the same time. Not gonna happen. We each make our own little place in space-time and we each react differently to the same events just because of that. Rod Serling tried to get that across in the opening to The Twilight Zone:

      There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

      Imagination, reality, it’s all relative. So to understand, people need to back up and see the differences in reality from the point of view of Jodi Arias, in this case, and our own. It may not agree with what we feel, but I’m pretty sure that’s what our Founders meant by “a jury of his peers.”


      • People who suffer real ptsd or abused woman syndrome. Dont choose to have the disease. Nor do those with a mental illness. But, unlike jodi and casey anthony. Who are proven pathological liars. They live with a real disease. Jodi and casey live in whatever lie they create. If you have these diseases its an everyday thing. Its not once or twice in your lifetime. They happen often, and most people are diagnosed. They manifest themselves over and over. Not just once, or if you blackout from alcohol. These women have shown no mental problems, besides pathologically lying. Maybe thats a disease? They simply have whatever gets them from going to jail for life or death penalty. Any person can claim to have these problems. When facing death in front of a jury. Its a slap in the face to those living with them. I have ptsd, i take medication to help. Its an every day thing. I dont get to choose when it happens. If it was a guy saying this it would be easy to laugh it off. But, an attractive woman, you want to believe her? Shows how sexualized we as humans can be. Put a guy stabbing his gf 29 times, and shoots her in her head after. Gets on stand, “i dont remember.” Everyone would convict him. Noone would even argue. Especially if he’s lying over and over. But a pretty girl, oh poor girl. Casey anthony kills her baby , her dads a molester. Now Arias obviously a Casey anthony fan says Travis is a pedophile. Its like watching same thing all over again.


      • Pathological lying is an indicator of mental illness. Same as kleptomania. Same as hoarding. There are many underlying circumstances or events that trigger these outwardly visible symptoms, but that trigger is is the most difficult part to find, because it’s so deeply hidden. But we can make assumptions based on concurrent symptoms or behavior. Again, just because she’s an attractive female (except for that herp — ewwww) and up for M1 does NOT mean she has anything else in common with Casey Anthony except her proclivity towards avoiding the truth. Their motives are 180 degrees different.


  3. As a woman, I could easily visualize Jodi plotting against and ambushing a man larger than herself. A woman scorned can be manipulative and lethal when she knows how to coerce and corner a man. She’s obsessive and rejection crushed her hopes for security esp when she had to return with her tail between her legs to her odd little town of Yreka. Fatal Attraction with excellent research and lying skills describes Jodi. It does appear she suffers from some kind of delusions.


    • Hi, and kindly excuse my delayed approval/reply. I agree with everything you’ve said, except I can’t visualize anything from a woman’s point of view (something a lot of rich old white men in Washington DC fail to admit). I just don’t think Jodi’s lying skills are that good, and I think she did some really shoddy planning. God knows, it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve this one; on the contrary, Detective Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Sûreté could have solved with Cato climbing all over his back.


  4. Your rediculouse, they are always given food and water.if she refused to eat they cant force feed. I as a corrections officer have never heard of anyone EVER being withheld food or water. Keep grasping for straws.


  5. HLN has gone off the rails with sideshow judgements and commentary about Jodi Arias. HLN and its followers are blood hungry spectators who want Arias to be sentenced to death for no other reason than…….fill in the blank. The bottom line is yes she killed Travis Alexander, yes it was brutal, and yes she received a premeditated murder 1 charge (which is questionable and in my opinion premeditated not proven sufficiently by prosecutor but that’s a whole other discussion) – However, HLN and those salivating for Arias’ trip to the gallows are overlooking (or willfully and conveniently ignoring?) two important factors: A. Jodi Arias has a mental disorder – and no not sociopathy – that has gone overlooked and unchecked her entire life that has kept her in a holding pattern of overwhelming impulse control issues or lack thereof and an unexplainable, out of her control disassociation with reality when faced with stress or trauma and B. Travis Alexander is not a benevolent angel who just wanted to “help” Jodi Arias – rather he helped himself to loads of wild raunchy sex with a mentally fragile woman, led her on to believe there was something special going on between them when in reality she was in love and he knew from the get go she wasn’t “the marrying kind.” Stir this cauldron of mental illness, deviant sexual escapades, mind games, oh and let’s not forget religion (*eye roll*), and…….disaster of epic proportions ensues. No way did that womanizer deserve to die the way he did – lets face it, we all have had our hearts broken but not all of us go and stalk, terrorize, stab, and shoot our heartbreaker, No, we cry on our friends’ shoulders, we overeat our sadness, we cry some more and eventually get on with our lives. But, if you are Jodi Arias and you realize that Travis played you for a fool, that he never loved you the one thing you’ve been hoping to latch on to your whole life, and no amount of stalking or threatening to kill yourself is ever going to get him to go along with the fantasy you see going on in your head, or get him to take you to Cancun even. If you are Jodi Arias faced with this truth that triggers stress and trauma, which subsequently causes you lose all control over yourself and leaves only impulsive rage thus leaving ample room to disassociate from reality and conscience so that it becomes really easy to stab Travis Alexander 29 times, slit his throat, and shoot him in the face, is it any wonder she snapped when he called her a stupid bitch for dropping the camera while he was in the shower? Look, she should go to jail – for a long time. But I think people should take a moment to be more reflective about the effects of mental disorders and why would a person who has no previous violent or criminal record could take another person’s life in the manner in which she did. I don’t see any serial killers drawing nice little pictures of butterflies and pretty ladies with hats. Jodi Arias has blown the lid off of the dark corners of the human mind and instead of the present “Jodi as monster” discourse lets did a little deeper here. The villainous murder of Travis Alexander doesn’t make Jodi Arias a villain. She’s sick in the head and unfortunately for everyone involved, its come to this as a cry for help. The national spotlight beam should be shining on mental illness right now – in the wake of Aurora, Newtown killings, Ariel Castro, Jodi Arias has exposed for all of the streaming live world to see that the issue of mental illness cannot stand on the periphery any longer and be treated as some marginal byproduct of “interesting topics.” It is very easy to judge and say what someone should do – much easier. Do the hard thing and approach this peculiar case with an open mind that will allow you to see what is not seen and to understand how a person ends up on the floor in a pool of blood next to her dead lover.


    • Hi, and thanks for your comment.

      I can’t see anywhere I would disagree with your assessment, and I appreciate your insight into the multiple victims of this ill-formed relationship. It was indeed a bait-and-switch by Travis, and Jodi was vulnerable from the start. She needed help, and as a result she was too quick to please (or pleasure) him, and if either one of the poisoned couple were ever seen by a psychiatrist, this all might not have happened. Thanks again!



  6. I thought this was a good article- UNTIL I read the comments. Obviously the writer does not take insults well. Which you would think that they would see coming, given the content of the article, and it’s on the INTERNET. I thought the writer’s language in response to whatever was written showed large amounts of immaturity, and instead the writer should sit back and evaluate themselves before they write a piece that evaluates others. I regret ever clicking on this page, and I hope to God you don’t get paid to write this stuff.


    • Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took so long for me to see it. I’ll have to fix that. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. When insulted, I fire back; the language I speak is Brooklynese. A lot of people don’t understand that. Brooklyn arguments usually end with the word “mother.” This one didn’t. Give me at least a little credit here.

      Finally, since you brought it up, I actually DO get paid for writing this stuff. In fact, every comment, positive or negative, gets me a fifty-dollar bonus. Again, thanks for your comment.

      (Note: I corrected a really bad typo for you. No charge.)


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