Jodi Arias Trial – All we know are the facts, ma’am.   10 comments

Joe Friday’s worst nightmare was back on the stand last Thursday, answering the last of some 220 juror questions, many of them repetitive and annoying, but as we’ve learned to expect, once again there are new twists in the most recent version of things as they did or didn’t occur on or about June 4, 2008, the day Jodi Arias admittedly killed Travis Alexander.

Barely 15 minutes into the morning session, Jodi Arias answered this juror question, without correcting the questioner:

Judge: You stated that you remember throwing the gun into the desert, but do you remember what happened to the box it was in?

Arias: No, I do not.

Judge: What about the holster you mentioned?

Arias: I only saw the holster before I moved (back to Yreka); I didn’t see it again after that.

This box was a new addition to the story, but for some unknown reason, by not correcting the question as she’s done a dozen times over the course of this trial, she acknowledged by default that it existed.

This is also in direct contradiction to her testimony on March 5th (day 27), during the late afternoon session. At about the 35-minute mark, this revelation was made for the first time, which indicated there was no box:

Nurmi: (Exh. 69 – picture of inside of Travis’ closet projected on screen) And point to us again where in this closet the gun was. 

Arias: (touches screen to indicate location) He kept it up in this… well, it was more… it was in the corner. It wasn’t above the clothes necessarily. It was… there’s a corner there. It was in the corner.

Nurmi: OK. And was it sitting out? Was it in a box? Do you recall… wh-wh-where was it?

Arias: It was sitting up there. I believe it had a holster.

Nurmi: OK.

Martinez: Judge…(unintelligible) I think she said “I think it was in a holster,” right?

Judge (to Arias): Restate your last answer.

Arias: I think… Yes, I.. it… it… it was in a holster at one point.

Nurmi (to himself): What the FUCK???

So had she or had she not imagined two separate containers, for lack of a better word, that the gun was in. And was it in a box, in a holster, in a holster inside a box, or just sitting up there? Pick an answer, any answer.

Back on Day 25, during cross-examination, she said nothing of a holster OR a box.

On just the second day of cross-exam, she contradicted herself in the space of less than thirty seconds. During the morning session on Day 22, at about the 1:09 mark, Martinez was questioning her about extracurricular activities with Ryan Burns on June 5th. She told Martinez loud and clear, “I did not grind that guy.” Moments later, Martinez asked, “Did you grind with him? And she answered, “Yes.”

But after Juan Martinez’ math lecture, which exposed the two-gas can story as a bald-faced (well, bald-something) lie, my last page of notes for the day ends in “throw in the goddamn towel.”

Now, just when we thought it was safe to take a long weekend without the drama this case has caused, we’re presented with yet ANOTHER twist, this one not attributable to Jodi Arias: Travis Alexander’s arrest and conviction on shoplifting and battery in 2002. You’ll have to click “Search” once you get to that page. Although convicted on two misdemeanors, Travis’ booking photographs are nowhere to be found. Same with the fingerprints. So, there’s a history of violence in the years prior to his meeting Jodi Arias.

After five days off, both teams should be well-rested and ready to start fighting today, March 13th, Day 30 of a trial that would never have happened if Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias hadn’t been fuckbuddies, something that seems to have caught on over the last ten years. Part of me says I wish I were 25 years old again, but most of me thanks God I’m not.


10 responses to “Jodi Arias Trial – All we know are the facts, ma’am.

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  1. Hello Warren,

    In attempting to post a response in one of your earlier posts, I failed. I’m glad I did fail. I do not own a TV as my choice to live my dream life. TV isn’t part of my picture. har har…and this overly stupid case is one great reason why I turned it off, permanently.

    If I had posted my earlier comment, I would have missed what this case was about, just as I’m pretty sure I’m doing in this post. I did not know anything about it beyond reading your previous post. I am truly sorry I know any of it. I’ve so much to do and anything would be better than hearing one more media, sensationalized tragedy that we should care about? If we cared, we’d turn off the TV and raise ourselves a better, healthier society. Boundaries. No glorifying murdering. Teach the self respect to understand sex isn’t meant for one to share with everyone for their “rating” of you but is a glorious experience in a trusted one-on-one relationship, You are meant to be loved and shared with your soul mate. And the relationships we have as we are looking for that one, should be healthy and severed when they are not. I mean,we typically sleep with others before we marry but I mean, please. That isn’t what is happening in our society today. And we keep sinking lower.

    I previously shared my experience as an abused wife for 25 yrs and his three murder attempts on me. It was nothing like what I have read this case is about. The oddest part of my abuse is the abuse was never sexual. Physical, mental, yes. Tyranny. Total control freak and a mentally ill man. Sexual abuse? No.I also stopped all sex all after the 2nd or 3rd year of abuse, for a bit of TMI from me. ooooo…get a fucking camera…sex.! Which leads to another observation…we are all on the mentality level of what? 12 year olds? And the age for the onset of puberty is lowering as we inspire our children their sexual appeal is what counts; “Wear it skin tight baby! We might get on TV.”

    I also agree with you about how lucky we are not growing up in this day and age with all the “sexual” exchange as a monetary system. I’ve watched 5 and 6 year old little girls use the pole in the playground or outside where the restaurant tables are, spin around and use them as the stripper pole they have observed where? Little children have no business imitating that stuff. They are children. Let them be natural for awhile and not what we insist they be. There are predators in this world and what do you think the predator sees when that child is imitating the adult, sexually? I’m simplifying and I’m sorry to be in such a hurry. This whole society seems to be sinking too low to be acceptable by the standards, morals and boundaries, self respect, love and attention that raised me in my blessed youth. The trust and the importance of vows seems to be “not desirable.”

    How sad for us Americans and humans. We have the complete ability to simply be happy and content and we choose this garbage instead…this garbage being bad relationships. Bad behaviors. I don’t know. I’m not to be their judge. I judge them negatively because it is in the media’s hands. Do people understand how the media sensationalizes everything thus negating the validity of the report? Where are you hearing these details?

    Anyway, if I can focus beyond my total intolerance of today’s television programming…we are making this society what it is and I’m sad. I’m grateful my grandparents have passed forward because there is no way they could every settle in their hearts of decency, what we have been conditioned to accept as standard, expected behavior for how many decades now? And who is leading this? Media. And Men. And now everyone…the world was not meant to be a universal bed that we all make certain we swim in. Let this Arias story show you the flaws.

    When I read headlines of elementary school children plotting to hurt their teacher and one has duct tape while another has a brick…when I read 5th graders did…blah. blah. blah. Why in the hell are we shocked? Why are we shocked when the drugged out dad rapes and murders his daughter while mom is at work? He watched CSI while he was drugging and well, there you go! Wasn’t his personal choice or responsibility, was it? “It’s expected” and how we say hello to one another? Sex first then I’ll get to know you? That’s standard today, right? What does everyone see on TV? What is loud, front and center before and after children are born? The young innocents have brains that are programmed with this vile offering called entertainment..the new babies absorb everything and this is an important matter when the child, the brain, the morals and the environment are developing this individual for life with other people, to live a nice life while being a nice person. Be quirky. Enjoy sex! But please, be well too. And this type of relationship is not healthy. Don’t stay in them, leave. Says the woman totally trapped in an abusive marriage for 25 years. For layers and layers of reasons and conditioning and belittling and I’m here today because of my decent upbringing. I knew what I was hanging on for..why…love. My family and all their care. Where are families and love and ….blah. blah. blah. Mom’s with the son’s friends. And they are with his sister if not the brother. Dad is doing everyone and if mom wants to be cool…she will slut it up and be with just as many as dad. And the children still needing guidance and love? Gettin what they need at the local…name it.

    It’s not mine to judge. I’d just enjoy a decent and kind and healthy society for a change and for our future. We are only going down like this. It’s in history time and time again. It’s a given. Let’s turn this puppy around after we slow down the acceleration to extinction, please? Common decency. Some basic standards. It seems to have flown out the window and the courtroom is where we learn our true destiny in our choices. And get to be on TV. What more could there ever be in life?

    Warren, Wow. I wrote what came.

    I’d like to also tell you, when I say sir, it is not because I see you above me on a pedestal. I use sir as a common courtesy, the way I was raised. At this time in history, I still stay yes sir. I used it all the time with my father and my grand father and it was proper manners if one is polite. I also say yes ma’am to my female friends. It isn’t about bowing to you. It’s a curtsey. Just a polite manner, Sir. I mean Warren. Personally, I’m not fond of the terms because they make me think I must be old or
    Thank you for all you share. Your mind is amazing! Next time! =D


    • That is an amazing story, Lynda, and a very sharp observation of how things are going down the drain in our society. Thank you! I agree we’ve been desensitized to out-of-control sex and violence by television and the “news” organizations who are really entertainment outlets. With the exception of a very few, I cannot stand local or network TV news. It’s all like USA Today in cartoon form. Anderson Cooper’s interview the other day with the man whose brother disappeared into a sinkhole in Florida was obscene. OK, the poor guy just lost his brother and was unable to save him despite all efforts he could muster. Why the hell is CNN putting a camera and a mike in this guy’s face? We know he’s distraught, we know he’s deep in grief and shock, but although appearing sympathetic, Cooper kept on questioning the man until his breaking point. This is assault and battery of a victim of a tragedy by broadcast media. Sometimes it makes me ashamed to say I’m a journalist.

      You asked an important question: “Where are you hearing these details?”
      I don’t get HLN, because I’m not paying Comcast another $35 + addons per month, so I’m not sitting here listening to Nancy Grace and Vinnie Politan all day. They’re squawking idiots. TruTV has cut off their coverage, and they’ve gone to junkyard TV anyway (phony reality shows depicting people you don’t want to be in a business you don’t want to work in).

      I watch the live testimony without commentary on ABC-15 in Phoenix, whose stream is rebroadcast on WPTV, an NBC affiliate out of Palm Beach County, Florida. All I see, hear, and process is what goes on in the courtroom. Since cross-examination alone, I have used up a full legal pad. I watch all testimony live (when able), and then I download it from YouTube and watch it again for things I might have missed. My wife thinks I’m obsessed. On the contrary, I’ve enjoyed five days off, but now I’m ready to take the field again. (It’s almost like watching a football game – one needs some time off between clashes. If I had my choice, and a place to crash in Phoenix, I’d drive down there, get a seat in the courtroom, ask some of the questions the big media hacks don’t, and ask some of the media why they’ve been filling people’s ears with bullshit. My observations and opinions are mine alone, except where I may have quoted major network or newspaper sources, in which case I credit them.

      I’ve also watched the ridiculous specials AC360 and Dateline have run, and I’m not impressed. It’s more prime-time eyeball-catching bullshit, and they miss more than they report on.


  2. Hello Warren. This is a very humorous take on the absurd Jodi A. I have to admit that Jodi is one of the smartest “dumb” defendants in recent memory. We all know she is lying, but watching her make Martinez become frustrated with her responses and corrections and ad-libs is better than (un) reality TV! Nice to meet you.


    • Thanks, Todd. I appreciate your comment. I try to state things as I see them, and then I throw in a little Brooklynese to spice things up from a human perspective. Personally, I think Jodi Arias is making a monkey out of Juan Martinez by being hyperliteral, which is the linguistic equivalent of doing the Ali Shuffle. And it’s not only Martinez who’s dancing to Arias’ music; Judge Stephens, with all due respect, would shit her drawers if she had to control anything like the OJ trial, because she’s completely lost control of this one, and has earned her way back to D-League. She can’t even manage three unheralded attorneys at a time. Imagine her with two tables full of major league prosecutors and defenders. She’d find some reason to recuse herself. I also think if there’s a mistrial, she’ll be the one to blame, for her own failure to direct the defendant to STFU and address the question with none of her damn embellishment. Cheers!


  3. Hey Warren, im jeff, and so lucky im Matts dad. Thanks for invite to ur blog. I like to read more than write so ill keep this short. I love that russian astronomy site, very cool. Tell me if u recognise this quote im about to butcher. “When im viewing the stars, i no longer feel confined by the laws of gravity or laws of our world.?” Sorry, i forgot to tell u im not very smart either, but i cant remember if it was Mr Galilei, or Herschel maybe.. Can u tell me?
    Good stuff sir. I also use “sir” to be polite to people i respect. Ttus.


    Jeffrey Todd
    • Hello, sir, and thank you for visiting and for your kind comments. That Russian astronomy site, which I’ll redirect straight to the English site, is much improved since I first posted the link. And at the end of the close comet approach to Mars, they credit, the publishers of the software they used to create the simulation. If society weren’t so screwed up now, I’d be jealous of my sons’ ages (in their 20s). I’ve been wishing for something like SpaceEngine since Microsoft killed Space Simulator over a decade ago.

      I wouldn’t say you’re not very smart, though, because I couldn’t place that quote or anything close to it from either Galileo or William Herschel. Or Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, or any of the current or past astronauts, and I put a couple of solid hours into researching it, so you’ve got me stumped. I guess I owe you a beer. If I were to guess, I’d just be throwing a dart with my eyes closed. But I will pose the question to all my NASA and other space geek friends. These people seriously know everything.

      Again, thanks for your kind words and your brain-busting question. I needed something like that to obsess about between now and the start of the football season. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  4. I understand its sensationalized on television. But, if you watch these “reality”tv garbage or allow your children to watch its your fault as a parent. I think parents are dropping the ball. As the adult you have the ability to control what is seen on tv or computer or any other media device. If you dont want them watching garbage, do what my parents did shut off the tvs and say go outside. Take away the phones, say go outside. Get these kids off their butts and go outside. Play sports with them teach them right from wrong. How stuff on tv isnt real life. Most people know junk on tv isnt real. I dont ever see kids on poles like strippers or kids plotting to kill at five. Maybe the wierd reality tv shows not in real life. There are though sadly a growing number of kids watching those things. I think they get babysat with their devices. Watching crap all day thinking thats reality. They end up being the ill ones unfortunately. I agree with you about the abuse, my mom went through the same thing. He threatened her life to keep her trapped in hell. My growing up was horrible every night drunk rants. Physical abuse when i was young and mental when i got bigger. I stopped the physical by laying on floor while she was on the couch. The “fog” bs is such crap. I can quote sayings my “dad” would say to her. I could remember things from when he beat her when me and my two brothers were 1,3,and 5 years old. Huddling behind a couch while he hit her in our kitchen. Extreme stress and yet you never forget. Thats ptsd its like a reoccurring nightmare that imprints on your mind. Not a fog!! Pure bullshit.


    • I dont find it funny jodi arias , like casey anthony making a mockery of our judicial system. Lying constantly to confuse jurors. I would be like martinez too if you cant get a single straight answer. Its like arguing with an adult five year old. They have all the sense and know how of an adult, but the nosensical ability to not know they’ve done wrong. How aggrivating it must be. I watch hln for the case itself, i dont listen to the opinions of the talking heads. Everyone can deduce their own ideas. I dont like that these cases are in media. But , if allowed such as casey anthony and jodi arias you are compelled to watch. Not all states allow media, but if its something like admitted nurder, or some poor girl passing. I want to see them get their just dues. Unfortunately the lying and ability to refuse to take the stand got one semi attractive casey anthony off. I hope Jodi Arias doesnt get off. I want to see the justice system work. I hate to say we are a sexualized society, but its true. I think an attractive young female has an advantage. To say if a man did that to his gf or child. Very unfortunate.


      • Hey, Tim. I put this answer off for a day so I could look at this comment with a clear frame of mind.

        First, I think you’re mischaracterizing Jodi’s answers to Martinez. This prosecutor is known for his pit-bull approach, and although he means well, by putting ALL his emotional energy into trying to get a straight answer out of her, he’s frustrating the intellectual part of his brain. The fact is, Martinez is asking the wrong questions, and I’ll illustrate at some quiet point later in the trial. The reality of that fact is, you can’t knock a person out with a big, full-swing, noisy slap in the face – you do it with straight=in head shots that travel no more than a foot. Martinez hasn’t done that, except when he went apeshit and asked Arias, “Well, imagine how much it hurt Travis when you drove that knife into his heart?!”

        Personally, I’m glad these trials are being televised; what I don’t like is the commentary. We have the right to watch the trial, but we shouldn’t pay for it by having to watch it on commercial television. Which is why I watch the stream rather than the dump, pardon the toilet joke. Courts should be covered the way Congress is covered by C-SPAN. When it’s a no-news day, open it up to public comment or to equal-time political interviews. That’s professional. As for the right to NOT take the stand is covered by the Fifth Amendment. Many countries don’t even permit a defendant to state their case. Many others force confessions. Both of those are ruled by tyrannical leaders. A civil society gives one the right not to incriminate themselves. If it’s the last bit of civility America has left, then be thankful for it. Lots of people die for that right.

        Finally, aside from both of them going on trial for murder, the only things Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias have in common are: 1. breast implants; 2. switched hair color multiple times; 3. both dropped out of high school for intercourse-related reasons. But their differences are greater than their similarities, and that’s a topic for another day too.


    • Hi, Tim, and thanks for your comment. I totally agree about parents using an electronic ADHD-generator (xBox, Nintendo, PlayStation, whatever) as a baby-sitter. Same with the bullshit unreality shows. Personally, I think America did it to themselves when Motorola gave Japan their first transistor as reparations after World War II. Look what they did with it — more harm than we did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, which was more harmful than Pearl Harbor. It’s all just a vicious cycle of bullshit, which illegal monopolies all make shitloads of money selling us back in the form of cable TV services and the networks they own. Congress, intended to be the guardians of our democracy, are permanently attached to the corporate teat and are unable to execute the will of the people. But enough of that.

      I feel awful reading about your childhood years, and I give you a lot of credit for writing about your experiences. But PTSD manifests itself differently in different people. Every human brain has a built-in coping mechanism, but we’re all wired a little differently because of our diverse paths, which is why individuals react in different ways. For Jodi’s brain, it was one way. For yours it’s another. For mine, it’s still another. We’re 98% alike on the genome level, but that two percent difference is all the difference in the world.


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