Jodi Arias trial: Trying our patience   5 comments

The Jodi Arias case has been going on for longer than most of her relationships have lasted, and people all over the blogosphere are getting damn fed up with it. You can read it on people’s blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, maybe even their attitudes if you happen to call someone who’s forced by circumstance to watch HLN’s time-stretched version of this fairly tiresome and unprofessionally-conducted trial.

Constant objections, repeated sidebars, meetings in chambers, former Juror Number Five (the Three-Toned Wonder of bad hair), Judge Sherry Stephens admonishing the witness time and time again in the case of Alyce Laviolette, who may have to check into her own clinic if she can even walk off the stand under her own power by the time that day mercifully arrives.

What’s surprises me the most is the unprofessionalism displayed by the prosecutor, in most cases, followed pretty closely by the judge, who looks like she’d rather be getting a pelvic exam than sitting on the bench for this fiasco for another minute.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has taken this trial so personally, he can barely hold himself back, gritting his teeth, clenching his fists. Most recently he actually hopped on a couple of occasions (as in ‘hopping mad’) and has begun to slap exhibits on the glass surface of the document projector, snatching exhibits from the domestic abuse counselor and, according to the continuum of abuse that’s been put into evidence, practically terrorizing her. 

This is unprofessional in itself, and might be grounds for appeal, but apparently that’s Juan’s shtick.

On the other extreme, listening to Kirk Nurmi ask a question is worse than watching the grass grow. It’s more tedious than going over every inch of ground we have under satellite surveillance in North Korea, one pixel at a time. His direct questioning of the defendant alone lasted long enough for an entire freaking carton of Tootsie Pops to melt.

The only attorney in this case who doesn’t make me want to toss a brick at my computer screen is Jennifer Wilmott, but she hasn’t made a big score yet in this case, although she seemed to have raised Dr. Samuels from the near-dead, because most of the time he spent being cross-examined, he was arguing with Martinez to less success than Alyce Laviolette. At least she’s demonstrated more resilience.

For a case with a profile as huge as this one, Jodi Arias needed either a franchise-level quarterback or a reliable, proven winner to back her starter. What she ended up with, apparently, was Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Screwed if you run, screwed if you pass, screwed if you run the Wildcat, especially against Ray Lewis and the ghost of Lawrence Taylor, as personified by “The Prosecutor.”

But we did get some good scientific information from Dr. Samuels regarding socio-identity disorder and dissociative identity disorder, neither of which Jodi suffers from. But she does have PTSD, Dissociative Personality Disorder, and Dissociative Amnesia, and some incredibly low self-esteem if any. And it’s always comfortable to know that the chart Ms Laviolette would classify every relationship as abusive to some degree.

My take as of now is that Jodi was a pacifist looking for something to believe in. Travis became her guru, in Samuels’ words, something I’ve said from the beginning. Travis served as her religious icon, her mentor in the PPL MLM scam, and her sex tutor.

The most important thing I’ve learned from this trial was in the form of  a short class in body chemistry from Dr. Samuels: Panic activates the limbic system, which puts out adrenaline, which in turn causes glucose to be produced. (This explains why, as a diabetic, my blood sugar is always higher after a stressful incident.)

Correction: In an earlier post, “hypothalamus” should correctly be “hippocampus.”
“and the animal instinct of survival came roaring in from her hypothalamus hippocampus and turned her into something like The Tasmanian Devil on Angel Dust.”
My apologies.
     And yes, it freaking sure as hell IS brain surgery!

As usual, your intelligent comments are elicited and appreciated. Please free to say your piece as long as you stay on topic and keep it real. Comment spammers should expect a guy at their door who resembles Samuel L. Jackson, especially when he reads you his favorite passage from Ezekiel.


5 responses to “Jodi Arias trial: Trying our patience

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  1. Warren,
    Your writing and your comparisons are the best part of reading this. Otherwise, what’s the point in reading this? It is a shame to hear this is being handled unprofessionally. You know my stance. And I love your dedication and it seems all too typical nothing has progressed. The sad state of law. In America. On TV. Isn’t there something better to do? Like cleaning up the melted tootsie pops you mentioned?


    • There’s a lot to hate about the legal system in this country. For one thing, they’re the consiglieres of the medical and dental Mafia in this country. (But that battle’s personal, so let’s not go there.) However, there is also a lot to learn; I look at this trial the same way I read a Nelson DeMille novel. There’s always an X-factor, and a number of ways to get to it. The difficult equation to figure out in this game is what combination of testimony the defense is trying to use to make their case for non-premeditated murder. It’s a tough puzzle, with a lot of oddly-shaped pieces, God knows, and no guide as to how to put them together. I’m just glad it ain’t my life on the line.


  2. I dissagree with almost everything you said. Only thing is yes this trial has gone on far too long. Martinez is passionate. Why not if my son or daughter got massacred i would want an aggrrssive prosecutor. To show i care that you stabbed my family member 29 times, slit there throat and shot them in the head. Rather then a non passionate, passive prosecutor. I dont get your view on Mr.Martinez. You show that your bias and you are attracted to jodi arias. Its the only explination i can think of why you take her side. You believe the pshyco babble of there witness Dr.samuels. In which his explination is so broad it proves nothing. She cant remember until she gets to a border stop covered in blood. I say bull$&@ to that. Dr.Samuels explains in the state she was in she could not plan or function like a normal thinking human could, without transient blah blah fog. But yet, jodi had the knowhow to throw the camera in the clothes washer. Take the knife, the gun and the rope. Wash travis’s body. As well as lock the doors. Changed her hair color from blonde to brunette. Rented a car and flipped the plates upside down. Bought enough gas as to not leave a trail of stopping at gas stations a long the way. Premeditation is all over this. Another thing i didnt understand is, if she woke from “her fog” at the border stop. You open your window and they check your id normaly. If she was indeed covered in blood. Why did noone see this at the stop. She would gave been arrested right there.
    You not only like Jodi you beat up the massacred Travis every chance you get. Yes he was in mormonism.Yes he had drug addicted parents. Yes there was things he hid from his religion. Yes he said bad things to his then gf jodi arias in text. But yet i dont know any religouse people who dont hide things to protect there images. Be it televangalists ripping off people to priests molesting children. He hid his sex life. Big whoop. Most in religion hide far worse. Travis being a child molester. No pictures ever found no websites on computer or phone. The spiderman underwear can even be proven. Travis was a cameron diaz fan. She wears spiderman underwear in a movie. Hmm jodi looks simular. Two and two equals? Also you stated he minipulated her. She met him at a function for morminism. She was interested on her own doings.being a spokesperson for them im sure he talked her into it more. But if your dumb enough to be brainwashed by one person to believe in everything they tell you. Its jodis fault. Shes proven shes no dummy. She is a proffessional liar. Cant be stupid when decieving people since she was 16. Everyone from her parents to most people shes met said she had mental issues. Pathological lying massive mood swings, slashing tires, crawling through doggy door to sleep uninvited in Travis’s house. Threatening any girl talks to him. Stalker yes, passive no. Also many bfs claiming shes very sexual. She tried anal with more then one. Travis never threatend those guys. He did get jealouse, but also proven she would alow him to find out about these guys. He never threatend them. Guys get jealouse its natural. She travels thousands of miles to go to Travis. Even moves near him. He does nothing like that. She goes to his house ect all after they were broke up. I just think you are easily swayed by outward appearances. If a guy did this to a girl. Your view im sure would be way different. I can only imagine with this amount of evidence. As well as the murderer admitting to doing it. You would laugh if a guy said uhhhhhh i dont remember. Blinded by beauty is all i can say. Working in the justice system, i can only hope poor Travis gets redemtion. Another murderer doesnt get off based on looks, and the jury is not confused by a pathological liar. I find it amusing you favorite attorney is jennifer wilmont, hmmm wonder why? I like how like Jennifer and Nurmi you believe the “fog” like she turned into a murder zombie. Its funny. Also how another reach you had when beating up murdered Travis. You even thought the mentioning of an arrest was something significant. Also was disproved, was Travis’s estranged brother who falsley used Travis”s name instead of his own. I just hope justice prevails. With so much overwhelming evidence. Also everything to make jodi a believable person is based upon her own lives. Like jodi herself wrote after the murder in her journal,”Whoever killed Travis, the needle is too good for them.” how ironic haha.


  3. Don’t ya think that maybe Juan Martinez is plain out sick of jodi’s lies and is putting them all on the table so loud the dead can hear him? (no pun intended) He does make her sit her arse up and listen whether she likes it or not and he prefers she not like one 2nd of him. Yes, I agree ya outta write a book but keep posting.. really like ur intellect and insights.. thx, ur an interesting read !


    • Thank you so much!
      If Juan Martinez doesn’t understand that Jodi’s got some real pathology going on inside there, and he’s really not going to shake it loose with his very homey “don’t’cha knows” (trademark line from his closing argument), then he’s really overestimating his power beyond the courtroom.
      It’s interesting that you should mention Martinez making “her sit her arse up and listen whether she likes it or not,” because I’ve been incredibly surprised that the judge in the Pistorius murder trial has allowed the defendant to sit in the dock with his thumbs in his ears and his hands over his eyes when he doesn’t want to see and/or hear a particular bit of the testimony. Kind of like a child when he’s told those yummy crunchy treats are for doggy, not for baby. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight when the circus resumes in Pretoria.


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