Zimmerman trial is bringing out the racists   4 comments

The murder trial of George Zimmerman is getting worldwide attention, but nowhere is it as important as it is in the African-American communities across this country..

It’s brought out some of the worst in people. Some schmuck created a Trayvon Martin game on his website; even the media have jumped on this awful bandwagon of racism.

I haven’t seen any animosity from the black community, but they damned well have a reason to march on and close the HLN hate machine. On the day the defense presented their closing arguments and the state gave their rebuttal closing, I caught two instances of blatant racism on HLN, one of which spilled over to CNN, the supposedly legitimate media.

The first offender, of course, is Frank Taaffe, the loud, brash friend of George Zimmerman. He’s been a staple on HLN and CNN, and last night he sunk to a level where Taaffe had to look UP to see Satan.

Last night, Taaffe mimicked the accent of a black woman, saying “PO-lice” at least twice. Dr. Drew didn’t call him on it.

And Nancy Grace offended Latinos last night as well, while talking to this idiot, and she sank to a new low when she erupted and spewed out this insult (paraphrasing) : “Give him (Zimmerman) back his life? Give him back his life?! He’s got his life; he’s driving through Taco Bell every night.”

I don’t know why CNN, who own HLN, allow inflammatory stuff like this on their air. Taaffe is clearly a racist from his white hair to his white feet; I’m sure of that. And Nancy Grace is a mental case.

Last August, Taaffe’s 30-year-old son Vincent, a Marine and an Iraq veteran, was killed with a friend Justin Head (who was, oddly, from my little town) when he failed to negotiate a right turn in his Jeep near Ormond Beach, Florida.

Frank Taaffe has been traumatized, and all the television time he’s logged, he’s not going to have time to get over his son’s death. I’m actually surprised he’s facing off against another family that’s grieving for their dead son. That has to hurt if he’s got any soul at all. And that’s becoming more and more doubtful as he shows more of his personal racism. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s lit more crosses than Christmas trees in his lifetime.

Right now, though, Frank Taaffe and the CNN/HLN producers who continue to book this hot-head are fomenting the latent racism in this man. The fact that those networks are continuing to book him is that he riles people; he gets attention. I wonder how it’s playing in the African-American communities in this country.

All major cities in the country are ready to sic their SWAT teams on any demonstration they think is getting out of hand. All this country needs is a riot in every major population center.

Unfortunately, the pressure on the nation’s minds is building up to a point where the racism becomes more and more evident, and I’m afraid this is going to have a spillover effect on all of us, and we’ll be back to the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960a.

Fifty years later, this country seems to have learned nothing, and the media seems to be nice and comfortable with their ratings spike.

But something’s got to give once this verdict comes in. The media are stirring up a big, boiling Force-5 shitstorm.

I hope we all keep our heads and show the world what kind of country America can be.

My personal impression: Neither side picked up on this: After being pummelled, George Zimmerman pulled out his gun, which caused Trayvon to scream for his life. That accounts for the screams of “Help!” which stopped the moment the fatal shot occurred. Just my theory, but I think it fits. Either way, Zimmerman failed to follow the police operator’s instruction, “We don’t need you to do that (follow Martin).” He got out of his car and went hunting. I believe it’s as simple as that.

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Your comments, as always, are encouraged. The only rules are that you’ve got to be on topic, and you’ve got to keep it clean. Thanks, and I look forward to your opinions.

Warning:  If I see one racist comment in the wrong context, I will publicly expose the commenter on every social media platform I can find. And I’m very resourceful that way. Don’t try me.


4 responses to “Zimmerman trial is bringing out the racists

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  1. Frank Taffee is clearly a racist and has been disrespect on all the HLN shows since his invitations. Did you hear Taffee’s disparaging and racists remarks about Rachel Jeantel? I was shocked the leaders in the black community weren’t up in arms over his ugly racist comments.

    I wrote to HLN about their irresponsible & negligent journalism practices during the Jodi Arias trial. It probably fell on deaf ears because their ratings are so high. After reading the hateful words of the majority of viewers and trial watchers on facebook and twitter, I came to the sad realization that most people just don’t “know” any better.

    Thank you though for a well written and important blog. Problem is the people that need to be examining their actions and thinking won’t read it and won’t care…especially HLN that I racking in the dough.

    Interesting that people who always scream out publicly about being so “good” and so “righteous”(Nancy Grace) and so caring (like Dr. Drew) are just part of the immoral fabric of this country that fails to live authentically.


    Faith Denise Rossell
    • Hi, Faith.

      Thanks for your comments. I’d forgotten his rants about Rachel Jeantel. I was watching it with my wife, and when I heard him go off, my first reaction was to jump off the couch. My second was to tell my wife the entire American black community was likely to take over the CNN building in the morning. Then, nothing. Crickets. No one said a word about it. It was extremely tolerant of the community leaders. I don’t know if I would have let that roll off my back.

      With just a few exceptions, I don’t give much credence to commenters on Facebook or Twitter, because most of what I read there is blind partisanship, bandwagon-jumping, and banality from the type of people who send racist hate-mail.

      I’ve said in past comments that I stream trial video, but I’ve been watching HLN after court, specifically because most of the time, they have a guest with a brain to counter all the other screaming idiots. It’s almost as bad as watching FOX News. But I want to hear what the underbelly of society has to say. That said, I can only take so much of it at one time, because I’m a heart patient.

      Taaffe should be in a mental ward, but I don’t think he’s sane enough to commit himself, nor his family to commit him. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. He’s got a personal tragedy to deal with. But he has no credibility and he’s unreasonable. Depending on the verdict, I think he may have to go into hiding with his buddy. I think he’s laying off the trauma of losing his son on Trayvon Martin’s family. Taaffe will never get justice for his son’s death; he has no recourse, so in the fog of his own mind, Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin shouldn’t be allowed to get justice for the loss of theirs.


  2. Fuck Taaffe


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