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I’ve made good use of the two week hiatus in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, watching and re-watching the direct testimony and cross-examination of Pistorius, and keeping note of his lies and inconsistencies. There were a lot of them. I made up an Excel spreadsheet and kept score. Two pages, 30 instances of his contradicting himself, using faulty logic, or a combination of both.

Pistorius was sworn in at the 47 minute mark of Session 2 of April 7th. From the 3rd session of the following day, things were going fairly smoothly. By afternoon, he was digging his way out of the grave he had dug for himself with his own forked tongue.

To begin with, when he finally was convinced to do so, the former track star called 911. We haven’t heard a recording of the 911 telephone call, but let’s take Oscar’s word for it that the 911 dispatcher told HIM to take Reeva to the hospital, OK? How likely is that? Ask any 911 operator. So that, atop all other lies, is the first one. In point of fact, there was no 911 call made by the correctly accused.

Here’s the rest of the scorecard I came up with, complete with dates, sessions, and times, as gleaned from the YouTube recordings from SABC Digital News, to whom I give thanks for their extensive, though imperfect, coverage.

The Arm with the gun in it: On 4/11, Session 1, at 2:47 and again at 3:03:55, Oscar testifies “I had my firearm out in front of me.” Then, at the very beginning of the second session of April 14, he says, “I wasn’t holding the firearm out in front of me.”

The Balcony: On 4/9, the 5th Session, at 0:22:35 he said BOTH “I went out onto the balcony to get the fan,” and “I reached out onto the balcony to get the fan.” As Prosecutor Gerrie Nel pointed out so animatedly on the last day before the two-week hiatus, he EITHER went out OR reached out. He can’t have done both.

The Curtains: In that same session on April 9th, at 0:29:30, “I closed the doors, blinds, and curtains.” But a minute and 27 seconds later, he testified that he had previously “opened the doors and curtains.” Miraculously, the blinds opened themselves.

The Fans: In that very same session, at the 34-minute mark, there was unsureness as to whether there was one or two fans plugged into the extension cord in the bedroom. At 41:50, it is revealed that on his bail application, Oscar said there was only one fan.

Who Fired The Gun? On April 11th, at the 3:17:30 mark, Oscar Pistorius said, “I discharged the firearm.” But he must have forgotten he said that, because on April 14th, at 1:29:00 of the 2nd session, he said (and try to follow this), “The gun didn’t go off. I didn’t fire at it (the door). I fired because I was scared.”

The Mystery of the Toilet Door: This is the most bothersome of the contradictions, and I guess I’ll list them in chart form, because there are just more twists and turns and contradictions in this particular part of the story than there are in a Grand Prix race.

Date   Ses.  Time       Statement                                                                                                                     .

4/8        3        1:19:00    Heard door slam in bathroom

4/8        4        0:11:50    Pushed the door open but it was locked  *(Bulletin: door PULLS open)

4/8        4        0:13:00    Kicked the door

4/11        1        2:50:40    Heard someone kick the toilet door  *(Kick it open???)

4/11        1        2:50:55    Kicked the door closed  *(Ohhh, you CAN’T KICK IT CLOSED from the inside!!!)

4/11        1        2:54:00    I never ever said “kicked.”

4/11        1        3:16:55     I heard… wood moving / door opening

4/11        1        3:17:00     I didn’t say “door opening.”

4/14       2        1:02:00    I heard the magazine rack moving

4/14       3        0:16:00    Put my shoulder against the small wall and tried to rip door open  *(NOW he’s got it!)

4/14       3        0:46:50    Shoulder-charged the door      *(Nope, he doesn’t get it. Moron….)

4/15       2         0:13:29     THE LOCK ON THE TOILET DOOR WAS NOT WORKING.

* To clarify the above, 1. It was Session 2 (I corrected that before striking it out); and 2. I mis-heard the question, which was about the LIGHT in the toilet. The question came from the female associate judge, and I just blew this one. Very difficult accent for an American to make out sometimes. Thanks to the reader who pointed out the error.

So, as I think I’ve proven, Oscar Pistorius speaks with forked tongue. And this is a guy who said his story hasn’t changed from the beginning. Take a copy of his bail statement and compare it to any day’s testimony. You will find lies and inconsistencies. Pistorius has told so many lies his defense is steeped in them. Why this guy was allowed to take the stand in his own defense is inexplicable. But wait! There’s more!

There were five mentions of the Whispering Incident:

4/8       3        1:17:00     I whispered to Reeva

4/11      1        1:18:00     I whispered; told her in a soft tone.

4/11      1        1:21:00     I never whispered. I said it in a soft manner.

4/14      1       0:50:30     Nel: Did you ever whisper?

Pisto: No.
Nel: If someone said you were whispering, would they be lying?
Pisto: Yes.

So, extrapolating on all of the above, there is no longer a defense case. Nothing the defense says about contamination of the evidence will hold up. It doesn’t matter whether the duvet came first or the jeans did. The fan is sitting in exactly the spot it was at when it was originally put there, before the fatal showdown took place. The second fan was an invention after the fact to support Oscar’s claim that the scene was doctored, which doesn’t matter anyway, because he shot and killed her in the bathroom!

His contradictory testimony regarding everything and anything that happened between the bed and the bathroom should be damning enough to put this egotistical, disrespectful, misogynistic sociopath away for the rest of his miserable life.

At this point, I can’t wait for the verdict watch. Living on the west coast of the United States as I do, I’m planning on pulling all-nighters until the judge emerges from her chambers. Unless this goes like the Casey Anthony case did, I’m expecting a conviction and a sentencing of the maximum term.



18 responses to “The Nine Faces of Oscar Pistorius

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  1. Wow, great work, thank you for putting that together. Egotistical, disrespectful, misogynistic sociopath indeed!


  2. …are you on “Websleuths?” It would be great if you would join the conversation!


    • Thank you, @kittychi, for your kind comment, and for the lead. I’d not previously heard of Websleuths, but I’ve already got it open in another window. =)


  3. well done all very clear to me


  4. “In point of fact, there was no 911 call made by the correctly accused”

    Actually there was and the phone records produced in court prove it. He rang Stander, then 911 Netcare then security.


    • Hi, Liz, and thanks for your comment. Netcare is a private chain of hospitals, not a municipal 911 emergency dispatch service. He called some five- or six-digit number, 80211 maybe?, then stated someone at 911 told him to put Reeva in the back of his own car and take her to the hospital himself, which is way outside the accepted standards of care. By this time, she was already quite likely dead, as almost ten minutes had gone by since her femoral artery had been compromised, followed shortly by her brachial artery, and then followed by the massive brain injury which, if she weren’t already dead, finished the job. Oscar might as well have called his agent and told him to cancel his bookings for the next 30 years to life.


  5. Close: It was 082911, according to the first witness on the stand the morning of 5 May. Sometimes I surprise myself with my memory for numbers. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night.


  6. This is such a very one sided view of the testimony. A lot of what was said was a matter of semantics and semantics only. Nel kept on at Oscar about what would or wouldn’t have been reasonable for him to do, but it wasn’t a ” reasonable situation for anyone to be in”. A lot of the so called lies centered around where the fans were positioned, whether the jeans were inside out, etc. We know that Nel didn’t call Hilton Botha to the stand because he was fired over his mismanagement of the crime scene. We know for a fact that the security guard didn’t call Oscar first as he insists he did. It was proved irrefutably by the phone records that this was not the case. The state have failed to present evidence of an arguement, and in the absence of that, I think it is a huge leap to believe that Oscar deliberately murdered his girlfriend.


    • I’d like to try to address your statements in order. Sometimes semantics can win or lose a case (that’s often what separates great lawyers from good lawyers – see “Johnnie Cochrane”). But not in this one. When Nel asks Oscar what would or would not have been the reasonable thing to do in a particular situation along the timeline, he’s testing Oscar’s ability to reason – to distinguish right from wrong, to discern what he did and what a reasonable person would have done. Nel’s playing Jenga in zero-gravity. In aggregate, the guy was an irresponsible, hotheaded gun owner. He was the wrong kind of person to be in the possession of a gun. He was a woman abuser, a preening hedonist who loved living in his mirrored cocoon, and he probably really hates himself down deep. Thank God he didn’t have children, although wouldn’t the tabloids LOVE IT if his new 19-year-old shag-toy might fit one on him with a sharp nail one fine evening before the trial’s over. You know, they’re only reliable 99% of the time.


    • Karen, either you have not watched the ENTIRE trial and are therefore not aware of all of the evidence and testimony, OR you have a serious crush on Mr. Pistol-orius. What he did was NOT reasonable. Nothing he did was reasonable at all. And lets get this straight: Pistol-orius called security and when the security guard answered the phone, and Pistol-orius realized who he had called, what did Pistol-orius do? HE HUNG UP. And when the security guard called BACK – which he DID in fact do – what did Pistol-orius do? He said everything was “fine.” And WHY did Pistol-orius do this? Because he had already called his brother and other friends who were on their way, told him to tell everyone it was an ‘accident’ and to just say you “thought it was an intruder” – and so that’s EXACTLY what Pistol-orius did. Second – Please note that during the Wednesday, April 9 Session 1 testimony, at the 12:50 mark – his OWN attorney asked ‘what about the PLASTIC BAGS’ !!! Did you get that Karen? Now WHY would he have brought PLASTIC BAGS to the front door where Miss Steenkamp’s body was? Because his plan was to get rid of her and hide his crime. And let’s not forget his SISTER took Miss Steenkamps purse and LEFT THE PREMISES with it~!! Chances are it held a watch or two which Pistol-orius put in there HIMSELF when he went upstairs to “retrieve” the purse for I.D. to give the paramedics. It appears to me that YOUR opinions are not based on facts, but are based upon your own OPINIONS which, unfortunately, appear to be swayed because of your clearly apparent ATTRACTION to the murderer – Oscar Pistol-orius. Oh, and let’s not forget one more word to describe him: NARCISSISTIC.


      • Not being reasonable with the gun does not mean that he killed her intentionally. In fact, whether his actions on that night was reasonable or not, would not even be considered in murder charge. It would, however, be considered in a charge of culpable homicide (manslaughter). I’m not saying that he’s not guilty of murder of course, the states case is still pretty strong.


  7. does the two next door neighbour witnesses help somehow or proved doubts on the testimony about a woman screams


    • Far as I’m concerned, they have selective hearing. I can’t imagine, in the silence of the night, being able to hear a guy wailing away at the top of his lungs (at about 90db) and not being able to hear four gunshots fired in a bathroom with the windows open (about 140db.). It seems quite pointless.


  8. This is really interesting i am glued to this case but feel that sometimes Nel has had the opportunity to nail some things and has not. But the testimony that convinced me that Pistorius did it was when he broke down after saying that he said to the so called burglars “Get the F… out of my house” it sounded so much as though he was saying it to Reeva. Thats when he really broke down i am convinced he was definitely saying it to Reeva. Then i felt that he was guilty of knowing she was behind that door.


    • Yeah, it’s after 4:30 in the morning here and I’m also glued to the courtroom stream and a bulletin board, and taking notes in prep for another article for the weekend. The way Pistorius told “plausible” twists on the story we all know is the real one, it’s obvious he’s in complete denial of the situation in which he put himself. He’s got some pretty deep psychological problems – a subject to be discussed in the not-too-distant future. =)


  9. OP ” I was scared, I wanted to ask Reeva why she’s phoning the police.” session 3 16.40 its there as clear as a bell for all to hear !!!

    Oscar Pistorius Trial: Monday 14 April 2014, Session 3: via @YouTube


    • I must have missed it??? and i have been watching every bit of the trial is it toward the end of the session or when?


      • I’ve scratched your last two questions out and will bottle-feed you: It’s at the SIXTEEN-FORTY MARK. See the comment up above? Session 3, 16:40 mark? Does it really take a freaking rocket surgeon? NOW are you happy? If that’s not good enough, here’s a page that will give you 78,100 Google results in 0.55 seconds (long search!).


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