If I Sentenced Oscar Pistorius   12 comments

I would, as an American, half a world away from all the action and media frenzy, if any, be almost a sequestered juror. Some of you who have read my prior coverage of the trial may doubt that, but I challenge any of you to cite any examples of my reporting something that had not yet been testified to in court. As I said: sequestered. Almost.

Not only can’t I discern the accents of the South African newscasters, the so-called best of the best — and there are numerous accents, not just one — but the technical acumen exhibited by SABC, as an alum who’d made it to the NFL might say, “THE South African Broadcast Network (goofy smile),” can only be equated to the middle-school TV production done by my younger son’s seventh-grade class in 2001.

As compared to most of the developed world’s media, whatever story they try to spin on one side or another (if any) is completely overshadowed by the comical presentation of its production teams. I have been, for all intents and purposes, a sequestered reporter. I have watched reporters gargle, towel off, blot their underarms, button their blouses, fix their hair (or dearth thereof), and scratch their balls.

As to sentencing. In matters of domestic violence, as a husband who has never lifted a hand to his wife of nearly 35 years, I tend to err on the harsh side. Therefore, I would not blink, and I would give him 25 years, the maximum allowable sentence for the crime of which he was convicted. (Note to Judge: He is no longer the accused; he’s a convict. YOU convicted him!) I would make this concurrent with the gun charges, because an out-of-shape 60-year-old Oscar Pistorius would be of limited danger to women or anyone else, and he would have very limited earning power at that age as well. He will have paid for his crimes.

The witness the other day who argued that prison was an improper place for Oscar Pistorius because “they have condoms there” was still silently cracking people up Friday morning when Roux first opened his pie-hole to argue Mitigation. So the jolly old weasel defense attorney played the “Oscar the Handicapped Victim” card to the max, and tried to soften up Judge Masipa by using his whiny, condescending offerings of paybacks and deterrents to society that would pay not even lip service to the real victims in this case, whining about how the killer’s debt is to society. Society, society, society. Then he brought up Ubuntu, and quoted a story in it of a goat. He equated Reeva Steenkamp with a fucking GOAT. The man is insane. Get this goddamned turkey away from the microphone. If Roux ever slept with a female of his own species, he’d know the difference between Reeva Steenkamp and a fucking goat!

I think the final undeserved slap in the face to the Steenkamps was the claim that Pistorius be given leniency was because although there were no shower rails at either the convict’s home or in the prison’s showers, his home shower came with a stool or a bench so he could wank freely between the two, and in addition be able to balance on his arse while using one or both hands, hence keeping his arms in shape to continue to work out all of his upper and lower appendages and limbs, or what remain of them. And that’s being nice to him.

On the dark side, Pistorius, with his snake-like eyes, knew VERY well who and what part he was shooting at. He’d accused her of messing around on him, even though she’d had very few (and longer-term) relationships compared to him, she’d reportedly been heard or commented to a friend that he had recently raged at her, “go ahead, fuck them all if you want,” or words to that effect, which is why he was shooting at that height. Do you think he was trying to hit a fucking pygmy in the head? If he were shooting at an adult’s chest, he’d be shooting at about 48″ off the ground. His first shot, the one that hit her in the hip, was 34″ from the floor. All shots were about the same height, within three inches. Isn’t anyone curious about his target? His first one was pretty close – the one that hit her in the hip. Just a couple of inches off target.

I was honestly very surprised to hear Gerry Nel request a minimum sentence of ten years. Even if he wants to squeeze Masipa for 15. This was a heinous crime, and the spolled, pampered little shit who committed it deserves some serious time. I figured a guy nicknamed “The Pit Bull” would have looked to rip off a bigger bite than that.

I’ve got friends who did more time than that in tougher prisons for simple possession of a joint.

What the hell kind of deterrent is ten years supposed to be? The suggested punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crimes. Let’s remember, we’re talking about multiple felonies. He’s now got three strikes on him. In many states, he’d get mandatory life without parole under the “Three Strikes You’re Out Law.” Three felony convictions, you’re out of society, and in for life.

 Your comments are requested. Please note this was published IN ADVANCE OF the Tuesday morning Oct. 21 session.


12 responses to “If I Sentenced Oscar Pistorius

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  1. I’m assuming the request for 10 years was partly due to Masipa being stingy with proper convictions for OP so Nel thought if he asked for too much his chance for at least some jail time for the bastardo would be gone. Also the guide is 8 – 10 years for manslaughter (speaking via UK Lang). Either way, lets hope Gerrie Nel appeals, then he can go back to asking for a min of 25 years again.


    • Eight to ten years for manslaughter in the UK for a GUN crime? Is that really all a British court would give for a crime involving a gun resulting in a death? As an American, that would (no pun) blow me away.


  2. I missed the part about Roux comparing Reeva to a goat. That is as sickening as everything about this death and the preferential treatment OP is getting.


    • That was right from a story out of Ubuntu, the African Social Code loosely translated as “human kindness.” It came towards the end of Roux’s pleadings, and it turned stomachs all over the world, extending so far as the sun, which was prompted to let off another coronal mass ejection. Note: this is the time of year South Africa points toward the sun….


  3. No Warren it was English Lang (laziness for ‘language’) as in stating the UK “Manslaughter” rather than the SA version, which I can’t be bothered to think of what it is called :-). There isn’t really gun crime in the UK. If ever people do use guns they usually suicide straight after.


    • OIC. “Culpable homicide.” Sounds like the next big apple-flavored energy drink for 2015: Gulpable Pommicide! It would be nice to have less gun crime in this country. Perhaps if people stopped shooting each other, that might start a trend…?


      • That sounds like a great idea for a drink, but if you tried to sell it as a fab money making new brand to Pres Obama, would he swallow it :-). I am glad we don’t have the guns here, reading and hearing about the times people are shot dead in the USA is bad enough but when we read about children accidentally killing their siblings, other people in thier family, parents etc then that’s ultra terrible. Of course there was that well known case of the man who shot at his daughter as she left in the car, him thinking it was a thief, how terrible for that dad, and mum, as well as the daughter. Such a tragedy.


      • Hmmm. A very loaded two-part response…. (2nd part written first)

        [1] (a) After swallowing Obamacare hook, line, and sinker, I’ve got something Obama can swallow right here.

          [1] (b) [mumbling] hope…Hillarycare…single..payer… amazed if…takeover in…sixteen…radical new….

          [2] The gun situation in my country is abominable. I say this as a trained and licensed concealed-carry permit holder. When I say “trained and licensed,” to clarify: I voluntarily took a hunter safety course in Colorado before I ever bought a pistol, something virtually no one does, but I did. Why? Because I’m a New York kid. Before moving to Colorado, I had only ever seen a real gun twice, other than in a cop’s holster. I didn’t want to shoot myself or someone else because I wasn’t familiar with a lethal weapon. Armed with the permit, and with the knowledge I got from that safety course (the only one accepted in all 50 states), I felt I could safely own a gun. And I have been a responsible, incident-free gun owner for thirty years running. The problem is: people are irresponsible, negligent, foolish, careless, did I mention stupid? and irresponsible, can’t leave that one out. That’s how criminal negligence becomes criminally negligent homicide

            It’s about at this point (the weekend in S.A.) that I might go snooping around their newspapers. I can’t stand SABC for more than 30 seconds at a pop. =)


    • That’s the thing there are many different “manslaughters”. Yes, there is “gross negligence” which is the upper end description in S.A. law. However, this does not capture well the case of deliberate and unlawful violence resulting in death, as per Oscar’s case and Masipa’s judgement. A different term to negligence is required, and english law provides it: “Manslaughter by acts” or “Constructive manslaughter”. This is what he did (in Masipa’s terms). Negligence is absolutely the WRONG word for it as negligence is all about the things you should have done but didn’t, not the things you did but shouldn’t have… S.A. … sort it out!


      • Criminally negligent homicide: the perpetrator took deliberate, assertive, constructive action, directly causing someone to die. If the perpetrator is indeed found to be sane, there should be a mandatory prison sentence for having exercised judgement that is in fact a potentially lethal danger to the public at large.


  4. Yes like most people pretty disgusted at the outcome!!…to much mercy and not enough justice!!. The whole case has been a farce but the end came as really no surprise. At least he has got some jail time I suppose it’s better than him working a few hours a month in a museum, Should have got 15 years minimum but if Judge Masipa had given 10 years I would have had some respect for her….oh well back to creating the perfect system!! Cheers….ps.I will read some of your other topics on this website!


    Anthony Buckingham
  5. Anthony ~ my sentiments exactly. And he is in his cell tonight 🙂 GOOD! Karen (From Buckingham).

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