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April 20, 2015
Bellingham, WA.

Esteemed Senators, Congressmen, and in-state officials:

I am writing you on behalf of Medical Marijuana Patients in Washington state, including myself.

In my 60 years, I’ve given many of those years to my Party, and I’ve worked with and for many outstanding legislators, their policy people, and their political advisors.

I’m writing you about the backlash that will occur amongst Washington state medical marijuana patients, many of whom are Veterans or Disabled Veterans, if Governor Jay Inslee fails to VETO 5052, a bill on his desk right now that would greatly injure — some say destroy — the rights of medical marijuana patients in this state.

This would occur right in the middle of 2016, just when everyone in the country is focused in on the Presidential campaign and of course the Congressional elections.

I phoned each of your Washington, D.C., offices on Friday afternoon and informed your people of Jay Inslee’s intention to sign 5052 and how it would backlash against the Democrats in this state.

I know of no other instance in my life where a chief executive with a (D) after his name would hurt patients to this degree. The voters are no doubt going to remember. This is a serious threat to the Party. And Inslee’s got really bad timing.

The Republicans in Olympia, to their credit, had compassion and empathy, and tried to kill this bill, but the supposedly forward-thinking Democrats in the legislature pushed it through.

They were incentivized by growers and lobbyists for 502 store owners. There’s a lot of green circulating in The Evergreen State. Weed, grass, you name it.

Washington MMJ patients have been safely covered by the Compassionate Care Act of 1998, which morphed into the current RCW 69.51a et al. It is as advertised; compassionate.

We oppose this 5052 bill because the State Liquor Board are not to be trusted with patients’ HIPAA-protected medical records and treatments.

These include psychiatric records in some cases. These are PRIVATE; not for appointed uncredentialed desk jockeys who know nothing about health care or medicine. The State LIQUOR Board are untrained and unqualified. Patients’ medical records are our classified information.

Have they not seen the Colorado model? Three million dollars extra each month to the schools, tax REBATE checks TO the people. Booming economy. Why not try it? Deaf ears.

Medical marijuana is NOT recreational marijuana. I use it when I NEED IT. This morning I didn’t. Yesterday I did. Tonight I will, because I feel the pain increasing.

I use a high CBD strain for pain. If I used oxycodone or hydrocodone, both opioids, I wouldn’t be able to express myself clearly. And I would only need the toilet once a week. Unhealthy.

Medical marijuana should be taxed, we all agree. We’re cool with that. But be FAIR.

It should NOT be taxed like recreational marijuana, which is what the State seems to want. The taxes on that are outrageous! Has anyone seen the Colorado model? They treat people like people! This state’s Democratic leadership has been asleep at the wheel!

IF 5052 is not vetoed, it will, among other things:

Force patients to get prescriptions from their primacy care physician. No doctor will write a prescription as long as the DEA has marijuana unfairly classified as having no known medical use. The DEA would immediately cancel their licenses! So that’s a deal-killer right there. But wait! There’s more.

Force medical marijuana patients to go to 502 retail stores and mingle with recreational users, and be forced to pay up to TRIPLE what we’re paying now.

Force patients to register with the State. Not acceptable. This is not Russia, China, or Myanmar! I don’t believe I would agree to that. I don’t have to register my concealed carry weapon, so I don’t think I have to register my pain medication. Would I have to register my insulin too?

Allow any state law enforcement agent to knock on a patient’s door and must be permitted to come in and inspect their growing space. Doesn’t this sound unconstitutional to you?

So, I’m afraid it’s come to this: If Inslee fails to VETO 5052, he is endangering all seven Democratic seats in the House. Medical marijuana as we know it will disappear in the middle of 2016. Right squack in the middle of Convention Season!

Voters will remember when their ballots arrive what the Democrats in Olympia did, and they’re not going to connect those little arrows next to your names or anyone’s name with a [D] next to it.

I don’t want to live in a RepubliCon dominated country. I don’t want to live in a theocracy.

It is within your power to help. Please call Jay Inslee and tell him to turn on his shredder most riki-tik and throw that garbage 5052 bill into it before he causes a disaster bigger than the one in 2014, which was the worst since Truman was president.

Our medical marijuana patients will be forced back to the black market or to some other state where the governor doesn’t drink Fukushima spring water. The Party does not need this kind of name recognition in a presidential election year.

On behalf of my fellow medical marijuana patients and voters in The Evergreen State, many of whom are Veterans seeking relief from severe PTSD, and other physically Disabled Veterans seeking relief from severe pain and don’t want to get hooked on opioids, I thank you very much for your kind attention.

I look forward to your comments and hopefully your swift action.

Warren S. Levine
Humble patient


How to create jobs in your town TODAY (no shit)   Leave a comment

U.S. Customs busted a big ol’ truckload of weed — 14 tons — a couple of weeks ago in California, a state whose voters long ago approved legal medical marijuana. Speculation was floating around that it may have been destined for Oregon or Washington, whose voters have also approved legal medical marijuana.

On just this one bust, the federal government has spent thousands of tax dollars that could have been invested in jobs or infrastructure. And they’ll spend tens of thousands more before the case is over.

Between warehousing, transportation, insurance, security, loading and unloading, legal costs, administrative costs, prison costs, and the cost of holding press conferences and shows for the media, they must have blown $50,000 on this in the last two weeks. And that bill goes up every day.

As for the weed: Its wholesale value, according to some big authority at U.S. Customs who used to know someone whose ex-girlfriend’s cousin’s college roommate’s brother had a friend that smoked once in the 1970s, is $807 per pound, $22.6 million. Not hardly.

The retail value, after a casual survey of real-world dispensaries on the west coast, and not from firsthand knowledge or anything, I swear, is really about $10 per gram. $127,000,000. One hundred and twenty-seven million dollars in taxable revenue removed from our sputtering economy *snap!* just like that. That’s a lot of economic recovery to just piss away, ain’t it? Sorta makes me mad.

I’m sure you get the idea. With all the unemployment and all the poverty in this country, does it make a shred of sense anymore to let this kind of money slip out of circulation? The one simple act of legalizing marijuana can help put this country into a boom economy. Immediately. What the bloody hell are we waiting for?

Congress has a bill up in front of them — HR-2306 — that would effectively put an end to this protracted uncivil war on much of middle-class America. Everyone in North America knows someone who uses marijuana, whether they know who it is or not! Your neighbor, your uncle Normie, the girl at the espresso stand, the pizza guy (yes, even Herman Cain) — people all around you have smoked or currently do smoke pot! I personally know at least four current or former elected officials who’ve smoked pot.

What possible harm could come out of legalizing the hundred-billion-dollar annual trade in a domestic crop that grows in all fifty states, and is sustainable? We’re talking about reviving the American economy. We should literally be starting in our own backyards! (So plant your victory garden today!)

Passing this bill would also immediately put law enforcement agents all over the country on more serious cases! I haven’t seen one legitimate argument why marijuana should NOT be legalized!

The passage of this bill might even spring some of the marijuana Customs and the DEA have seized and not disposed of yet as well. They’re sitting on a cash cow right now. I’m sure any licensed, tax-paying, law-abiding medical marijuana co-op in the United States would gladly buy it at a Customs auction in a New York minute.

Call your stick-up-the-ass U.S. Representative and tell them to help CREATE JOBS in your neighborhood TODAY by co-sponsoring HR-2306, else they’re gonna lose their jobs.

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